The pope on transgenderism

Has anybody honestly been expecting Pope Francis to show his support for transgenderism?

I suppose the surprise with the release of his encyclical on Thursday is that he found a way to introduce the subject within the context of his plea for the environment.

True,  everyone is a product of nature, as he pointed out. But he failed to mention that the industrial pollution he was decrying may also be playing a part in altering  the biochemical wiring of the brain while in  development in the womb, and may be a primary cause of transsexualism.

When he urged people to accept their bodies as they are and not manipulate them, he overlooked the inner working of the brain — which, to the best of my knowledge, is part of the body. Trans people are, in fact, accepting what their brain wiring is telling them and making body changes accordingly.

Still, one can expect simple, narrow-minded views from a man who takes the creation story literally and worships a mythical supernatural entity.

But the reality is while many people do share the pope’s superficial beliefs, many do not and don’t feel that they have to answer to the Catholic Church or any other religious organization.

The pope and other religious leaders spend much time talking about the body, but very little time talking about the immortal spirit that some, including me, believe inhabits it.

As a Theosophist, I believe the spirit is sexless. Sarah Belle Dougherty, also a Theosophist, writes in an article called Evolution and the Sexes that human beings are “innately sexless consciousness-centers which express themselves through material forms suited to their ever-growing awareness. ”

Sarah points out that there was a time in man’s evolution when he was androgynous, that he “was not divided into sexes,” and even points to the Bible to support that theory.

She believes “that physical bodies reflect the activity of underlying spiritual and psychomental forces.”

And so it goes. It’s just not as simple as the pope makes it out to be. One cannot just turn off a switch and make transgenderism go away.

Trans people should not be disheartened by his words, and should recognize them for what they are: an antiquated superficial view of life. Still, he means well.

There is no doubt that a Mother Nature modified by man is playing a role in the changing genetic makeup of the human race, for better and for worse.

While the pope may see transgenderism as the latter, many people who embrace their transgenderism see it as a great liberation, and rejoice in the awareness that comes with it.

– Jillian Page, LGBT Perspectives editor


Let harmlessness be the keynote of your life — Alice Bailey


5 thoughts on “The pope on transgenderism”

  1. As I am a hard-core atheist and skeptic of all things “spiritual”, the pope’s opinions really don’t matter to me. I honestly don’t see why holding beliefs in fantastic and improbable things qualifies one to make pronouncements about ethics or morality.


  2. I read and study the same Bible that everyone else claims to, but I do so with an attitude of “How does this apply to ME and my situation?”. The Bible is my guide for how I live MY life, not as a guide for me to try to tell you how to live your life. I am NOT accountable to God for you, however, I AM accountable to God for how I TREAT you. There is a huge difference.


  3. I am NOT surprised that Pope Francis weighted-in on this issue, because, as the head of the largest Christian Church in the world, he owes it to his people to take some kind of stand. I would have been far more surprised if he hadn’t weighed-in on it.

    There has been a flurry of activity by Christian writers and bloggers since Caitlyn Jenner showed herself to the world, and much of that activity has been very negative. They are insisting that there is no such thing as “trans-gender”, and that a person’s only “legitimate” gender is the one they were born with. Some people were pissed off when I published “LGBTQ Issues” on my blog because they thought that I had “sold-out” to the LGBTQ community, which I haven’t. I just have a different point of view.

    Yes, I am a conservative Christian, but I don’t believe the Bible is a baseball bat to club people into compliance with what I think is “right”. It is no mystery to me why the Church’s message is largely falling on deaf ears, because compliance with what they think is “right” is more important than love and respect.

    I know quite a few people in the local LGBT community, probably more than most Christians will meet in a lifetime, and I believe in treating them with love, respect and compassion. Love for them as a person, respect for who and what they are, and caring and compassion for their struggles in life.

    I love you!
    I respect you!
    I care about you!


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