Chobani thanking One Million Moms?

Still from controversial Chobana yogurt ad. (Photo: Chobani)
Still from controversial Chobani yogurt ad. (Photo: Chobani)

One Million Moms, a Christian organization in the United States, may have done more to boost the sales of Chobani yogurt than any television commercial by the company might have done.

The anti-LGBT American Family Association group, which monitors children’s programming, has been loudly decrying a Chobani advertisement that shows a lesbian couple in bed.

Reports the Daily Mail: “The commercial begins with a woman eating yogurt in bed while her partner, whose face is not visible, is sleeping in the background. She tickles her lover’s foot before she gets out of bed – taking the sheet that is covering their naked bodies with her.  A close-up reveals that her partner is a woman, and that they are wearing matching wedding bands.”

Company executive Peter McGuinness has shrugged off the criticism, saying the ad is simply “a ‘natural progression’ of its Love This Life campaign, which focuses on lifestyle and telling ‘modern American stories’ –  not on the brand’s product,” the Daily Mail reports. “For us, it’s why not [feature a same-sex couple] – not why,” he explained. “There’s nothing new here, per se. Inclusion and equality has been and is foundational and fundamental to the company.”

Why not, indeed.

Well, One Million Moms feels it’s sinful and is pushing the “LGBT agenda” (which, incidentally, must be what we are doing here, too!).

Thing is, I had never heard of Chobani yogurt before. But now I am going to seek it out at my local supermarket and buy some, both to try it and to show support for the company’s inclusionary policies — and for its courage and marketing savvy.

No doubt, someone in marketing at Chobani will be getting a bonus, if not a big promotion for coming up with an ad campaign that has netted all sorts of extra free publicity.

As for the children of the One Million Moms group — which unlikely numbers anywhere near one million — you gotta feel for those kids.

“Like, mom, you’re embarrassing us . . . Please shut up!”

– Jillian Page, LGBT Perspectives editor


Let harmlessness be the keynote of your life. – Alice Bailey



4 thoughts on “Chobani thanking One Million Moms?”

  1. I hadn’t noticed the wedding rings. So Ta to the Daily Fail. I would have thought the Daily Rail’s readership might be a bit iffy about the advert too, though. They are an extreme right rag.

    So there you have it. In the UK, even the extreme Right is OK with the gay.


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