#LoveWins: Transgender people likely to face more opposition now in the U.S.

First, congratulations to our gay and lesbian friends in the United States, who have won marriage equality thanks to a Supreme Court ruling today.


With that battle more or less finally out of the way, right-wing organizations and others who have been fighting against same-sex marriage may turn the full focus of their exclusionary beliefs and bigotry on transgender people.

Because, heaven forbid that the right-wingers try to do something about real problems in America, like homelessness, hunger, the proliferation of guns, industrial pollution and so on.

No, they justify their organizations’ existence, and their fundraising campaigns, by attacking minority groups, even if they know they will ultimately lose their battles.

So, while the L & G people under the rainbow umbrella may have scored a huge victory today, transgender people should brace themselves for a right-wing storm, and the wrath that accompanies it.

— Jillian Page, LGBT Perspectives editor


“Let harmlessness be the keynote of your life.” — Alice Bailey


18 thoughts on “#LoveWins: Transgender people likely to face more opposition now in the U.S.”

    1. That may have happened on the past. The same-sex marriage decision doesn’t change the fact that the T and the GLB communities face the same hate groups.


  1. We’re tired of being on the BACK of the LGBT train and also tired of being the LAST letter…
    TG gets NOTICED and LUMPED into a STEREOTYPE: “OTHER” is the REAL political meaning of
    L G B T…I”m Female first and last and also we’d like MORE support from WITHIN the LGBT spectrum as well….
    I suspect it’s a win mostly and a bit of backlash BUT the TONE is “DON’T mess with US lgb or T..” bottom line

    see the irony is: I’m hetero THEN and hetero NOW
    I’m Female once always forever
    TG is more COMPLEX than G…
    I was never gay am not now and never will be
    sexuality and being TG are two VERY vast different ISSUES
    sexuality is SECONDARY
    it’s Gender IDENTITY
    i’m a woman who HAPPENS to be TG transgender
    I’m NOT a TRANSGENDER woman
    SEE the point?

    also by “RAINBOW” ing my face the NON LGBT community STILL stereotypes you….
    rainbow means GAY rainbow means LGBT
    I’m a WOMAN
    it’s a catch-22
    damned if you DO
    damned if you DON’T


    1. Personally, I don’t like the term “Transgender” because “trans” means in transition, changing something. And when combined with “gender” it literally says one is changing their gender. And that is simply wrong.

      My “trans” friend is truly a woman in a man’s body. What is trans is her physical appearance – not her gender.

      I really don’t know when the T was added to the LGB community, but it was probably stereotyping by the common press that if a man is dressed as a woman, he must be gay.

      I reject that stereotype and accept my trans friends as they are. I don’t think that the LGB community will turn their backs on their T associates now that same-sex marriage is just marriage now. The whole LGBT community will still need each other to protect against the new thrust by the conservative religious right, their political party and their propaganda media outlet, Faux News to marginalize and harass anyone who is not like them.

      I expect to see more persecution regarding employment, adoptions, jobs around kids. It’s not just gays, though that’s their named target, but it includes anyone not like them. (As Rachel Maddow says: “Male, pale and stale” or old white men.)


      1. Steve, the T in LGBT was added in the 1980’s almost single-handedly by a trans woman activist named Yvonne Cook-Riley.

        Her idea was to connect our groups politically in order to be able to strengthen our numbers so as to be heard. Because of her position in public and private places, she was able to add this to our discourse.

        Though there are great differences between trans and LGB people (many trans folk are also LGB), we are all queer in sexually related ways, and we all have to deal with closely related problems with misunderstanding, demonization, hatred and violence.

        If you would like to know more, you can Google Yvonne. She is still active in the queer community in her semi-retirement here in Asheville, North Carolina USA.

        Blessings & Joy!!


        1. Interesting choice of word: “queer.” I will be writing about it. A lot of older people refuse to refer to themselves as “queer” because of the negative connotations from the past, while a lot of younger people have “reclaimed” it.

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          1. Yes, I’ve heard that. I’m fifty-three, and I feel comfortable reclaiming the word. I am tending to prefer it to the ever-lengthening: LGBT…. (which I often write: LGBT+)

            I look forward to reading your thoughts. If they will be public, where could I find them please?


      2. To pick up on a different aspect of the word there, Steve; moving or changing state – “across” – is just one of the meaning of the prefix “trans.” Another one is beyond, as in “transcend.”

        “Transgender,” to me, means moving beyond the traditional, binary gender stereotypes foisted upon one by society. It applies to any or all of changes to ones identity, body, expression or how one wants to be viewed by others. One can then either move straight into the opposite traditional role, or settle somewhere between or outside them both, but for me it’s the initial breaking out of the originally assigned gender box – going beyond those limits – that makes one transgender.


  2. The fight isn’t over for lesbians and gays by any stretch of the imagination. Yes, they can get married in every state but in many they can get fired, evicted, etc for just being gay.


    1. Yes, that is a good point, Teresa. Steve also pointed that out. I hope today’s ruling will spill over into all walks of life and bring LGBT people full equality. We will continue advocating for it.


  3. OMG….you can’t even go one whole day without bashing someone or something? Today was an amazing victory…stop being so cranky about life. Spread a little love once in a while.


  4. Like many things in this country transgender rights are handled on a state-by-state basis. An interesting thing about the 50 states is 2/3 of the population of the USA live in just 9 states. From New York north to the Canadian border and the entire West Coast. All of these plus nine other states and the District of Columbia have specific protections for gender identity.
    In my home state, California, Medi-Cal (state paid healthcare for poor people) covers GRS. The state mandates all health insurance companies providing coverage for the 40 million people that live here must provide coverage for all transgender related health services.
    Vital records like names and gender markers are handled by the states and it’s highly unlikely or desirable that these will be federalized (340 million people live here). While there is certainly room for improvement it’s not as bad as you might think.


    1. GRS is dandy if you “Pass.” What good does that do someone seeking a job whose identification indicates “female” yet their physical appearance screams “MALE!”? It IS that bad! Appearance is the sole constituent of acceptability. Someone with male features will not be taken for female, no matter what their paperwork and identification explicitly states has been done to their genitalia. We should do what the UK has been doing for many years: social transition by offering feminine facialization surgery FIRST, then the GRS last. It would make lives much easier, don’t you think? Or do you believe that this is all about sex?


      1. I don’t know what benefits if any are provided for FFS. My comment was solely intended to demonstrate the political situation in the USA was not as dire as it may seem. I discussed benefits only in a general way. If you’d like to learn the particulars of the benefits I would suggest you contact the Transgender Law Center in San Francisco for more detailed information.


  5. The conservatives have always needed a “boogey man” to exist. Without something to scare the sheep with, they are powerless. communists, Blacks, Muslims, Farmworkers, and gays have all been targets of the conservative right. And always relying on their religion to justify their fear, hatred and stupidity.

    Yes, religion makes you stupid.

    This SCOTUS ruling puts marriage as a right behind us. But there’s still many places where you can be fired from a job just for being gay or denied service because you are gay. Gay people aren’t quite equal yet, and you can expect the Right-Wing in the US to look for more ways to marginalize gays.

    In a previous blog post Jillian said that transgender people resent being lumped into the LGBT as a community, but regardless of our subset, we are all targets of the conservative right attacks, and that unites us as a community.


    1. I am an American, married Christian woman of transgender experience, and I well know of what you speak. Even so, I will continue to respond to such people in love, living “simply open” before them as I have always done.

      Living “simply open” to me means that in casual encounters I am “just” a tall, boyish woman; but when people come to know me more intimately, the fact that I am transgender becomes apparent in relaxed, natural and even winsome ways. I am who and what I am, and there is no shame in being trans.

      Here is a moving experience along these lines that occurred to me recently if any would care to read:

      Sunday Outing

      Blessings & Joy!!


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