Same-sex marriage: Change for Native American tribes must come from within

Same-sex marriage now legal in the United States?

Not quite, according to some news reports.

CNS News and others are reporting that 11 Native American tribes prohibit gay marriage, affecting almost one million people, and the tribes are exempt from the Supreme Court ruling last week that made same-sex marriage legal throughout the rest of the country.

No surprise, the Federalist Papers Project publication is trumpeting the fact that the tribes are sovereign nations and are rejecting same-sex marriage in a recent article with the headline Native Americans say ‘no’ to gay marriage — although, some of these tribes may permit members of the same sex to enter into unions with written contracts.

Of course, there is nothing stopping a same-sex Native American couple from thumbing their noses at their tribes and getting married elsewhere, just as Catholics might do with their church.

The Federalist Papers Project writer wonders if American gay rights advocates will try to force the tribes to accept same-sex marriage — though, the writer didn’t word that point quite so objectively.

Answer: Why would they, unless they are members of those tribes? If anyone is going to push for change within the tribes, it must be its own members, not people outside of those nations.


— Jillian Page, LGBT Perspectives editor


“Let harmlessness be the keynote of your life.” — Alice Bailey


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