#ForEVERYGirl: Girl Scouts true to transgender girls

Trust the Girl Scouts for finding multiple silver linings in a single act of transphobia.

You’ve probably already heard about the Girl Scouts group in  Washington who received a $100,000 donation last month — with a stipulation.

It seems the donor sent a follow-up note that said this, according to Seattle Met: “Please guarantee that our gift will not be used to support transgender girls. If you can’t, please return the money.”

And so they returned the money and, on Monday, June 29, appealed to the public in an Indiegogo fundraiser dubbed #ForEVERYGirl to “Help us raise back the $100,000 a donor asked us to return because we welcome transgender girls.”

On Tuesday morning — 24 hours later — Seattle Met says the Girl Scouts of Western Washington had surpassed their $100,000 fundraising goal.

There are several reports online about this. Here is the link to the Indiegogo fundraising site, which as of July 1 shows it has raised some $250,000.

So, the Girl Scouts have not only raised transgender awareness and inspired thousands of acts of kindness from people donating their money in the Indiegogo campaign, but they will probably raise a million bucks or more before all is said and done — and you know they will find many good ways to use that money.

Very heartwarming . . .

— Jillian Page, LGBT Perspectives editor


“Let harmlessness be the keynote of your life.”— Alice Bailey


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