China: Lesbian couple make a stand for same-sex marriage

China's Great Hall of the People, in Beijing. (Photo: Thomas Fanghaenel/Wikimedia Commons)
China’s Great Hall of the People, in Beijing. (Photo: Thomas Fanghaenel/Wikimedia Commons)

In the quest for equal civil rights, many LGBT activists make personal sacrifices — especially in countries with oppressive regimes.

Today we are hearing about a lesbian couple in China who held a symbolic marriage ceremony  that has received — and is still receiving — a lot of media attention around the world, including China.

Reports the South China Morning Post: “Women’s rights activist Li Tingting and her partner, Teresa Xu, declared their marriage at a gathering in front of friends and journalists.”

The same Associated Press report also says “Li was detained in early March with four others amid China’s crackdown on social activism and their detention drew concern from foreign governments and rights groups. The five were released 37 days later..”

Apparently, “Li said state security officials had contacted her to inquire about the (wedding) ceremony and that she was concerned about the possibility of being detained again.”

Indeed, she has good cause for concern because the Chinese regime does not like to be embarrassed. We may very well be hearing about the arrests of this couple in the days to come —  especially because there is no broad social push in China to legalize same-sex marriage, as the report points out.

We should applaud this young couple, and express our support for them and their cause — because they are not just standing up for themselves.

Some day, same-sex marriage will be legal in China, thanks to brave people like Li Tingting and Teresa Xu.

— Jillian Page, LGBT Perspectives editor


“Let harmlessness be the keynote of your life.” — Alice Bailey


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