Italy: Minister on hunger strike as Senate blocks same-sex unions

Palazzo Madama, seat of Italy's Senate. (Wikipedia)
Palazzo Madama, seat of Italy’s Senate. (Wikipedia)

Yesterday I wrote about a Chinese lesbian couple and the sacrifices they and others advocates make to win equal civil rights for LGBT people.

Today, another LGBT advocate is in the news, this time in Italy.

A junior minister in the Italian government, Ivan Scalfarotto, has started a hunger strike “in a protest aimed at speeding up moves to introduce civil unions for gay couples,” The Guardian is reporting.

The paper says “Italy stands alone among major western Europe states in having no provisions for the official recognition of homosexual couples. Draft legislation that would authorise civil unions is currently blocked in the Senate.”

And this: “Thousands of amendments have been put forward by opponents of the bill.”

Yes, the Senate — dèjá vu for transgender Canadians, yes? Though it was only one — or two, depending on who you ask — amendment that led to the death of Bill C-279 in the Canadian Senate.

Ivan says he wants to see a mainstream discussion on the issues and rally support, and that he won’t eat until there is “certainty on the date when this grave violation of human rights will end.”


You have to admire him for making a stand, but I’m doubting a solitary hunger strike by a junior minister will do much to sway a stubborn Senate — in any country.

Still, I urge LGBT advocates around the world to show their support for Ivan any way you can.

Come on, Italy. Get it together . . .

— Jillian Page, LGBT Perspectives editor


“Let harmlessness be the keynote of your life.” — Alice Bailey



One thought on “Italy: Minister on hunger strike as Senate blocks same-sex unions”

  1. Italy? The home and root of the Roman Catholic Church? He is smoking some strange weed, because the only person with enough clout to get their Senate to pass that same-sex marriage bill is the Pope, and if the Pope is against it, Hell will freeze over before it passes. Good luck on that one.


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