‘Flag for straights’ a flag for bigots


Well, you know this idea is going to catch on quickly with the anti-LGBT crowd in the United States: “The Moscow city branch of the parliamentary majority United Russia party has created a ‘flag for straights,’ reports RT.com and other sites.

RT says “They want to use it in their campaign in defense of traditional values against aggressive LGBT propaganda.”

It is strikingly similar to the flag used by an anti-same-sex group in Paris, Manif Pour Tous, but the Russians say they got permission to use it.

Regardless, you can expect to see similar flags in American cities being waved by proud bigots . . . because it is a flag of exclusionary beliefs and bigotry.

Still, it will serve to out bigots, won’t it?

— Jillian Page, LGBT Perspectives editor


“Let harmlessness be the keynote of your life.” — Alice Bailey


11 thoughts on “‘Flag for straights’ a flag for bigots”

  1. That such a flag is proposed makes it clear that such people have no understanding (or worse) of their privileged, majority status. There would be no “pride” symbols were it not for the “straight” majority (collectively) looking down upon the “queer” community. “Pride” does not occur in a vacuum, “straight” allies, not withstanding.


  2. A person doesn’t have to be a bigot or anti-LGBT to be a proud heterosexual. Every person who has ever been born has come from a male-female couple, and until scientists are able to clone human-beings, every person who will ever be born will still require a male-female couple, even if the male is only a sperm-donor. Two men can NOT beget a baby. Two women can NOT beget a baby. Two transsexuals can NOT beget a baby. I am not a bigot and I am not anti-LGBT, but I am a proud heterosexual who has done my part to “Be fruitful and multiply”. I have four children, and no, I wasn’t merely a sperm-donor. I have had LGBT friends for many years, and I have never looked down on them or judged them. I have accepted them for who they are. Please return us the favor you are asking of us…accept us as we are, without judging us or looking down on us. Bigotry goes both ways. Acceptance can go both ways also.



    1. True, Steve. But would you carry the “flag for straights” as a way to push back at LGBT people, as the Russians are doing with a flag designed expressly for that purpose? I know you wouldn’t. The flag will be associated with bigotry,


      1. Of course I wouldn’t fly a “flag for straights”, because it is nobody’s business what me and my partner(s) do behind closed doors. I don’t care or want to know what is between your legs or what you do with it in the privacy of your own space. I have quite a few friends in the poly community, some are L, G, B or T, and some have several partners, but they don’t “advertise” what goes on in those relationships. I also don’t want to know what goes on in those relationships because I am not a part of any of them. If you met me on the street, you would never know whether I am gay or straight, because it is nobody’s business. If members of the LGBT community quietly went about their business without rubbing their “differentness” in our faces by flying the LGBT flag, there probably would be a lot less push-back.


        1. There will come a day when the rainbow flag won’t need to be flown — when LGBT people have equal civil rights. For now, they have to fight for those rights, because too many holier-than-thou right wingers don’t want them to have equality. You would think in a country as modern as the United States, everybody would have equal civil rights. But sadly, that is not the case. So, LGBT people need to be as visible as possible — for now.


        2. “If members of the LGBT community quietly went about their business without rubbing their “differentness” in our faces by flying the LGBT flag, there probably would be a lot less push-back.”

          “Our” faces???

          WOW! – Why not just tell them to all go back into the closet so that the straight community won’t have to see their “differentness”. You, sir, are truly a bigot. This is shocking to hear from someone who pretends to support LGBT rights, but what you mean really is that you tolerate their presence.

          The rainbow flag is not “rubbing their ‘differences’ in anyone’s face. It is a flag of unity and support. It tells people that they aren’t alone. It enables group strength to oppose the prejudice that would keep them in the closet.

          Well, there goes a few years of progress.


        3. ======================================================================
          If members of the LGBT community quietly went about their business without rubbing their “differentness” in our faces by flying the LGBT flag, there probably would be a lot less push-back.

          Umm, what? Seriously? Let me give you some context.

          For hundreds, if not thousands of years, LGBT people have been oppressed, ridiculed, assaulted and even murdered by those in power. This abuse has been condoned and even encouraged by politicians and religious leaders. The flag and whole pride movement is a reaction to this oppression, to tell LGBT youth that they are valuable people, that they should not believe the belittling and degrading commentary foisted on them by religious and political leaders, and that they have the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness just like everyone else.

          Only after the wider society has accepted this reality can we put away our flags.


    2. I’m happy you’re straight, but you’ve said some incorrect things. Two trans people can indeed have a baby. There have been a number of news stories about this in the last couple of years. Hint: Not all trans people have been sterilized.

      Second, being able to “beget” does not make you a better person. Some straight people can’t have kids. Some straight people don’t want kids. Some LGBT people do want and do have kids. This is a personal decision that has nothing to do with sexuality.

      If we judge organisms by how many times they can “beget”, then insects and microbes would have us beaten hands-down.


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