Cummings and Lopez: Confused busybodies should butt out of transgender people’s lives

Lynna Lopez (left) and Mark Cummings.  (Photo: Facebook)
Lynna Lopez (left) and Mark Cummings. (Photo: Facebook)

By Dianne Skoll
LGBT Perspectives columnist

A recent article on The Advocate site reports on Mark Cummings, a trans man for the past 12 years who is now saying he’s “ex-trans.” He and his new wife, Lynna Lopez, a trans woman, are trying “to build a movement against gender transition,” The Advocate says — which also says Cummings  directed the publication to use male pronouns, “since people know me as ‘he’ for the 12 past years.”

Yes, you read that correctly. Cummings, who transitioned from female to male and still presents as a male, is telling people they “need to accept themselves for who they are — to accept the fact of who they were born as.”

And his partner, who transitioned from male to female and still presents as female, backs him up with this: “The body’s not the issue, the brain is.”

So, why did they transition if the body wasn’t the issue? And why don’t they revert to their so-called true birth gender?

Not only are these two seemingly saying one thing after having done — and are still doing — precisely the opposite, but their brains also appear to have mastered the knack of doing this without experiencing any cognitive dissonance.

If they think transitioning is wrong for them, fine. More power to them. But why can’t they stop at that point? Why do they feel the need to tell other people — people they don’t even know — how they should live and what is good for them?

Cummings and Lopez complain about people being “put into boxes” and labelled. In the next breath, Cummings responds to statistics about suicide by saying “A normal person does not commit suicide no matter how tough life gets.”

And Lopez, talking about Caitlyn Jenner, pipes up with “It normalizes everything, and it paints a picture of acceptance, with the Kardashians and everybody — they already have their reality-TV show, and now it’s just making it seem to be the new normal, when there’s really nothing normal about being transgender.”

Labelling, anyone? Putting people in boxes labelled “normal” and “abnormal”?

Normally, I wouldn’t bother talking about such clearly confused individuals like Cummings and Lopez. But for some reason, they seem to have gotten press coverage and a certain amount of support, and they seem intent on inspiring other people to become meddlesome busybodies.

The decision to transition or not is highly personal and nobody has the right to interfere, especially strangers. Cummings, Lopez and their supporters say that they don’t want to hurt the transgender community. But then they go on to deny that “transgender” is real, thereby invalidating thousands of transgender people.

Here’s a suggestion for Cummings and Lopez: If you don’t want to cause harm, then be quiet. Live your lives in peace and in health, making medical decisions that are best for you. And let the rest of us do the same. Butt out!

“Let harmlessness be the keynote of your life.” — Alice Bailey


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  1. A few thoughts before comments are closed on this post at the end of the day:

    First, discussion is always encouraged here, but the debate seems to be going around in circles, with opinions on both sides clearly stated and then some . . . to the point of insults. I think it is time to agree to disagree and move on.

    I encourage you to think about the possible spiritual element in man’s evolution — perhaps the only part of us that survives the death of the body — and I quote one of my favourite writers, Sarah Belle Dougherty, in an article called Evolution and the Sexes: “Modern theosophical literature views human beings as innately sexless consciousness-centers which express themselves through material forms suited to their ever-growing awareness.”

    The link to the article:

    I also remind you of what writer Simone de Beauvoir had to say: “One is not born, but rather becomes, a woman.”

    It is not for any of us to criticize another’s path to womanhood. We are all unique.


    1. Jillian, you are too kind to these sad, hypocritical, pathetic losers.

      We should ignore them. That’s what would infuriate them the most, realizing that nobody cares what they think.


      1. Dianne, the disagreement, the negativity, even the words above here all reflect your hurtful intent toward Mark and I. We have no other desire other than to awaken the reality in letting whoever wants to hear us know the truths of gender identity and gender expression. We agree with Jillian, when she reflects on the fact that as eternal spirit beings, we are sexless and that on this earth we are in these limited bodies having a human experience. Gender identity should never take primary precedence in our lives. We also believe that the biological reality of our earthly sexed designation, unless interrupted by karyotype chromosomal abnormalities, is either XX or XY. This is immutable and unchangeable, regardless of whatever surgeries or medical treatments are given. Very few people have these variations, but there are so many others who feel as if they want to be a gender that is not theirs to be. Just because you want something does not mean that you can just get it. Many are in search of their completeness by becoming that which eludes them. That approach never works, it only serves to drive one into further turmoil. That is what Mark and I see occurring in the trans community. That is why we are being attacked by Dianne here on this blog and by so many others in this movement. They DO NOT want their reality questioned.

        I would also beg to differ with Jillian in her quote in which she cites de Beauvoir as saying, “one is not born, but rather, becomes a woman.” Well, yes I do agree that no one is born a woman, but rather it is a matter of maturation. I get that and yes, that is very true, however, only XX, ovary-given, egg-producing humans can truly be included in that categorization. No, XY human has the right to claim womanhood for himself. We are excluded from true womanhood, why do so many MTFs in the trans community insist in appropriating the right to womanhood for themselves? Is it not bad enough that XY humans have done their best since the dawn of time to relegate XX humans for their own purposes as the “weaker” sex just because they were physically stronger than they were?? Is it not the height of arrogance to try and strip away their very own beautiful essence of being??? No, as one tumblr blogger insisted in stating the opposite, real women DO NOT have penises. To say that they do is an assault to XX human kind everywhere. Be as expressive as you want to, but please don’t ever grant yourself the right to be what you will never ever created to be. We as XY humans, should come alongside XX humans and offer our love and support, rather than continue to strip them of value even more. Enough is enough…


    2. Thank you Jillian for the opportunity to voice our beliefs and opinions, unfortunately we run into individuals like Dianne that due to their own insecurities, hurt and lack of accepting reality they must revert to insults and childish behavior. I am far from perfect, and will end up lashing out after awhile due to losing my cool at times when hearing the same narrative and attitude from most trans females. I have been at this for a very long time over 12 years to say the least. I have had interaction with hundreds of trans females, and sadly I report that they are very predictable but nonetheless I still hold compassion and feel sorry for many. I only wish they could free themselves from themselves. We will write the article as per your request, our story and mission is to help people see beyond gender boxes and have them realize that gender has only created a divide between humankind. Thank you once again.


      1. Oh cry me a river, you silly little person. You and your confused compatriot come along lashing out with bombastic hatred and then get all hurt and upset when someone disagrees with you?

        You are nothing and nobody to me. I don’t care about you. I regret writing the original article because I should have known it would attract you to this site like flies to honey, because your sole motive is publicity and self-aggrandizement.

        If it weren’t for the fact that I thought there was a minuscule chance that you could actually do harm to others, I’d give you the total lack of attention you so richly deserve.


  2. Dianne, your article is based on hearsay, you have no idea what our motives are and our position with regards to these matters. You take a lot of creative liberties as many of you in the trans community choose to do. Come on now, you say that we are only capable of being taken seriously if we spell your name right??? That is beyond petty, you have such a negative opinion about us because you perceive us to be a threat to you and you would be correct to think that, we most definitely are. Your right to claim womanhood is under attack by us, you better believe it. Let me reiterate that, you Dianne, have NO RIGHT to claim womanhood as your own, along with me and any other male born individual. Be as feminine as you choose to be seen as, but at the end of the day, there you are. Surgeries not withstanding, FFS either, this will never change your biology. On the contrary, it will only further serve to damage you even more, possibly cutting short your very own life because of these invasive and damaging procedures.

    Present as you damn well choose to, but don’t ever think that you have the right to appropriate for yourself what belongs to biologically born women everywhere.


    1. “Let me reiterate that, you Dianne, have NO RIGHT to claim womanhood as your own…:

      Thus spake the Arbiter of Womanhood ™, someone who insists that one must be happy with one’s birth biology but only after she (he? I dunno) ravaged his birth biology with hormones.

      As we used to say in the old days of Usenet: *plonk*


      1. Nerdy geek speak and I see the very typical trans woman’s MO. Why is it that most trans woman are either Star Trek or computer geeks? We did do a show on this and found it very interesting, failed men, who now chose to be women in hopes they could do a better job, lol.

        To be able to see past self and realize that there are more important things in life than to look in the mirror and slobber over your reflection after make up and lingerie, and grow enough to be able to warn others and see that this life is clearly not the choice for everyone takes great courage and growth, something Lynna has done and many of you trans women fail to even get close to. You are fakes, phonies, liars and thieves. And have no respect for real women, you will fail, I guarantee.


  3. Darn, I wish I could edit comments. I meant to add:

    “Push all you want, we will not be intimidated nor stopped.”

    Oh, WOW, you are so BRAVE. You are my HERO. No, I’m not going to try to intimidate or stop you. Mock you, sure, because you are so ridiculous that it’s impossible not to laugh at you.


    1. Dianne what you don’t realize is that it is you who is laughable. I am not trying to be brave. Mock all you want, he who laughs last laughs best. You all are proving our point with ever comment. Keep showing your true colors, (the community) men wanting to fulfill their fantasy of being females who will stop at nothing to include pushing themselves on the world and making them believe their lies. It has been the common theme through out history, men getting away with whatever men deem and say, and that now includes telling women that they too are women.

      Here is a hypnotic mantra that is being used by trans women, now tell me this is not weird or sick


      1. You and your little buddy would have a lot more credibility had you not transitioned. As it is, the two of you are a rather pathetic joke.


        1. on the contrary we are picking up steam in the eyes of many. Remember I was a prominent figure in this community, successful in many ways, why the change of heart? Enquiring minds want to know and they will know. Transitioning is not at all what people think, it is not a cure, and gender dysphoria is not a real diagnosis. We will also prove this, this is a product that is being sold and used to push an agenda.

          The only ones that view us as Jokes are the ones who are worried that our voices will be heard and their fantasy revealed.


          1. “on the contrary we are picking up steam in the eyes of many…”

            That is a content-free statement. You may be picking up steam in the eyes of gleeful fundy Christians who are slobbering with delight at the prospect of ex-trans people to bolster their agenda to make life miserable for anyone who doesn’t swallow their religious fantasy hook, line and sinker.

            But to me, you represent a pile of steaming stuff of an altogether different nature.


            1. Well Dianne you mean nothing in the scheme of things, and for your information it is not the Christians who are interested in what we are saying, instead it is main stream, mothers, women and individuals who are seeing this train wreck and are glad someone is speaking up and telling truth. After all there is only so much the world can stomach men who claim they are women, just because they say so. You don’t know what it is to be a woman, nor will you ever.


  4. Mark and Lynna,

    Hit a sore point, did we?

    We didn’t “fail” some ridiculous test you posed us. We’re just not playing your game. We have better things to do with our lives than respond to some publicity-seeking busybodies who somehow have gone on the “warpath” against the transgender community.

    Again: These are our lives and our choices. Stay out of them. And I’m happy in return to leave you alone. But if you’re going to interfere, then yes… you’d better be prepared for some serious pushback.


    1. No sore spot Dianna, we are simply voicing our opinion on your poorly written and lack of facts article, since you did not have the decency to interview instead you just wrote what you created in your head and used the words of others to create your scenario. As far as test, yes we did an experiment to prove how this crazed community reacts to de transitioners, anything that goes against your narratives you try to push down and discredit. Well guess what that will not work any longer. We have plans to put together a team of professionals that will continue to prove that gender dysphoria is bogus and transitioning solves nothing but calms temporarily the autogynephillia and other psychological basis of this disorder.

      Some of us do have intersex qualities and factors that lead us to feel torn between both genders, but the answer is not hormones, blockers and dangerous surgeries, on the contrary, accepting our duality is where it is at. It may be your choice and life, but our children are being used as pawns to push the adults agenda and that is wrong and we plan to prove this over and over again. Push all you want, we will not be intimidated nor stopped.


      1. ” As far as test, yes we did an experiment to prove how this crazed community reacts to de transitioners,”

        Say what? I can’t speak for the whole community, but I don’t give a rats ass if you want to detransition, which, I should note, neither you nor your partner have done.

        Look, your story is so absurd you can’t make this stuff up. “Two people who transitioned, one from male to female and the other from female to male, are going around telling /everyone else/ to be happy with the bodies they were born with. And no, they have no plans to return to the bodies they were born with.”

        I mean come on. WTF? This is more absurd than anything John Irving could come up with.

        I really don’t know what motivates you two. But the contradictions you manage to fit into your brains and then spout with straight faces are truly breathtaking.

        “…. our children are being used as pawns…” Our children? Do you have kids? Yes? Then you have the right to bring them up as you choose. But you’d better butt out of how other parents bring up their kids because it’s absolutely none of your business.

        “We have plans to put together a team of professionals that will continue to prove that gender dysphoria is bogus…”

        A team of professional what? Professional shit-disturbers? Professional religious fanatics? Professional transphobes? You’ll probably succeed in putting your team together, but I wouldn’t count on very many peer-reviewed scientific papers from the team… good luck with that.
        And if you want me to take you seriously about getting facts straight, spell my name correctly next time.


        1. Einstein that is the purpose of our story and mission, that once you transitioned as long as I have you cannot return to the body you have been given. Also I transitioned in 2003 due to the same power of suggestion many are being faced by today and we are trying to be the voice of reason. So yes not everyone is meant to transition, only a few actually have Karyotype variations.

          Also it is our business to be the other voice and we will do this no matter what the trans narrative is or wants. As far as children there are hundreds of concerned parents who have reached out worried about what is taking place and they worry about the future of their gender variant children, so we are being their voice. Peer review papers? Really Spack, Olson and others are just pushing their agenda, there are no facts or proven theories, the doctors from the Lurie Center Children’s Hospital in Chicago have stated that there is no way to know who has gender dysphoria or who doesn’t, no long term studies available. This is being pushed as gospel and the children are being used as pawns, and the adults in this community are cheering this on for their own perversion.


          1. “once you transitioned as long as I have you cannot return to the body you have been given.”

            You can detransition any time you want. Walt Heyer detransitioned after 8 years. Josef Kirchner detransitioned after 17 years. The fact that you lack the integrity to do what you tell others means that nothing you say is worth listening to.


            1. Walt Heyer has de transitioned at a cost as have others, you can try to return to your original gender but it is impossible, it is worse than the initial transitioning, and realize once a real woman like me removes her ovaries, and has taken male hormones for 12 plus years the second characteristics are none reversible as evident with men who try to be women. So why would I want to harm myself or make myself a spectacle to prove a point, what I can do though is show the real picture here and prevent people from doing what I did.

              Also I have progestin induced virilization, estrogen was harmful to me as a female creating many health issues, once I started taking androgen they disappeared. I don’t care what you or others in this community think, our concern is to educate the public and help parents make the right decision for their children, transitioning is not the answer nor the cure for what ales this community.


              1. Rationalize your decision all you want, but it basically boils down to a lack of integrity and courage. You’re willing to talk the talk, but not walk the walk. Why is that?


                1. I don’t need to rationalize my decision one bit. I don’t feel like this is a matter of me not willing to walk the walk. We don’t see things the way that you do, what is so wrong with that, do I pose some kind of threat to you. I choose to honor a woman’s right to her womanhood, I know that I will never be one like them. I am okay with that, I celebrate my dual genderedness and being this way does not make feel like I ever need to de-transition to one particular gender box. Mark and I recognize both of our sides. We are unique and different, there is noting wrong with that difference.


                2. Integrity and courage is what we do have to do what we are doing in fighting against this beast that has been created to push an agenda, an agenda we plan to expose. There is no walk or talk other than to show the world that trans people are full of lies, drama and try to guilt people into accepting them. You know what takes courage is to be yourself. I can’t undo what I did, but I can help undo this madness that I feel responsible for as an advocate who at one point pushed this insane agenda. Don’t waste your breath Dianne, nothing you do or say will stop what we are doing, and just wait, we will be speaking on many talk shows, be on various publications and allow another voice to be heard and there is nothing you or anyone can do to stop us. After all everyone is entitled to speak.


  5. I honestly think that what many here, including the writer of this piece fail to understand is nothing less than the truth of what Mark and I have been trying to explain on our shows and in our posts. It seems like you all love to major on the minors, you choose to highlight things that are not even the issue at all. On top of that, you all seemingly, in concert, choose to magnify your opinion (not fact, but opinion, because that is all it is) and make it seem as if what you are saying is the hard and fast truth. Let me ask yo something? Where the hell do you get your facts?! Mark has never regretted his transition, as has been widely documented, his is one of great success and happiness. You will not find an female to male with a better story or experience than Mark’s. His story was featured in major media and was a a wonderful account of a woman transitioning to becoming a man. Please, you have no grounds to stand on with regards to your superficial opinions. As for me, I have had a relatively wonderful experience in my transition experience. Before my harrowing accident and subsequent injuries, I was doing quite well. I had continued to transition successfully in my career working in television.

    We DO NOT talk out our asses when we claim to not be transgender, but still live as the gender that we transitioned to. First of all, no one was seeking to de-transition, that is way off base. We simply were conducting a test in which we found out just who our true friends were. We found out that we have none in the trans community. To state our position more clearly, it would be better stated to point out that we are all for gender expression, be who you want to be, identify with the gender you prefer, where whatever you want, just don’t think that you are becoming the opposite gender by doing so. Don’t destroy your body by subjecting it to dangerous hormones, puberty blockers, and needless surgeries that will do nothing but exacerbate an already desperate situation. These are not the answers to what ails you, they are but a bandaid to the real problem inside. Suicide should never be the motivator to transition either. Mark knows that at the end of the day he is biologically born a female and I honestly recognize and know that I am forever a biological male. Not assigned male at birth as Jazz and Janet choose to say, but born a boy with a penis.

    Mark’s story is much different and I would suggest that you educate yourself on the intersexed person. Maritza was born with ambiguous genitalia. She has the right to claim the gender of her/his choice because Mark has both genitals. Do you get that??? He has both and has the right to either gender period. You are absolutely out of line to suggest that he regrets his transition because whatever gender he chooses is truly his. As for me, I was born a male and I have always had intersex characteristics. We are also both of Taino Indian decent and we both connect with each other on both the masculine and feminine level. We are unique and I am not going to hide the fact that this is just how it is. We accept both our male and female sides. Mankind is born with it, but suppresses it, but everyone deals with it some way or another. It is ridiculous for you to imply that we are enaging in double-speak when we have clearly chosen to accept our gender variance and not bury it away in one particular gender box.

    Mark has chosen to live in society as a man, that is best for his health as his hysterectomy does not allow him to produce estrogen naturally. His body has always done better with testosterone so that is how he lives his life. I choose to live my life in a feminine manner because it what I have chosen to do. Not what I have to do, but it is what works best for Mark and I. It is no one else’s business but ours.

    As far as our campaign against the trans community goes, you are damn right we are on the warpath here! What is happening, specifically with gender variant children, is nothing short of child abuse. Giving children unproven and unsubstantiated and verifiably dangerous drugs in order to transition them to one specific gender box. This is something that needs to be researched more, than to be heralded as the most beneficial treatment of potentially gay or lesbian children. We stand our comments and we vow to let the truth be known about much of this vile transgender community, you can be sure of it. We will not be stopped or deterred.


    1. Lynna writes: “It is no one else’s business but ours. ”

      Thank you. You don’t need me to mock you. You do it well enough all by yourself.


      1. Dianne I have this last thing to say to you since I have given you more time than you deserve. We are not the enemy here but you are to dense and to caught up in your own web to see. We are trying to wake up humanity to understand that gender is not that important, that we are being used as a community to put forth a very evil agenda. People are destroying themselves, their bodies taking on dangerous substances and undergoing dangerous operations to try to fulfill a fantasy.

        Children are being hurt sterilized and pushed to believe that their happiness lies on what is in between their legs and how people perceive them. This is sad, I don’t expect you to understand you are still too caught up in your self hatred, fear and notion of what you think you should be. Now think what you want and say what you will, we have a mission and no one will stop us. I hope one day you will open up your eyes and let you heart feel the truth.


  6. @Ryan I don’t know who you are or where you are getting your facts from. First of all I have not wanted to detransition ever, if you really kept up with us and with why we decided to create this experiment which was to prove that the trans community discredits anyone who voices a different narrative than the typical one, gets crucified, no matter who you are. Heck there is no better transition than the one I did, I was considered alpha male, mans man, advocated internationally, but even someone like me as you all are proving, gets smeared just to save the cause.

    I don’t need fame, nor do I do what I do for attention. I enjoy creating, educating and doing what I do out of passion and love. You don’t know me or my intentions so at best you are speculating and talking out of your ass. We will show the world that this whole trans business is a lie, for most it is a fetish, autogynephillia, for others the shame of being gay, and wanting to experiment a now very popular choice. Frankly I could careless what all of you think, and trust me, we will not stop till we change the direction of this train wreck that is harming many who have no business transitioning.


  7. Apparently Mark had been wanting to detransition for a long time but didn’t want to do it alone so after getting together with Lynna who didn’t care whether he was a man or a woman there was the perfect chance. He took his time grooming her. I guess it played into his favour that she had a horrific car crash on her way to visit him and left her severely injured and vulnerable, perfect for him to begin the brainwashing. He succeeded in getting her to hate her transgender identity as much as he hates his own.

    They briefly tried detransitioning but ended up feeling even more miserable. So did a 180 again and back to Mark and Lynna. Now calling themselves “dual gender” rejecting the term transgender (as if referring to transgender as something else makes their transitions more legitimate)

    Oh and of course every step of the way is Mark’s self promotion. Early in transition he was going on talk shows, doing seminars, self published a book. Allegedly for the purpose of educating on trans issues. When he stopped being a special snowflake just for being a trans man he then promoted trans children (including Jazz Jennings) Then he attempted a singing career, self published a CD and did a few gigs. That didn’t take off. Then he sort of kept quiet for a few years. Still made youtube videos and whatnot but actually went a while without seeking a lot of attention. Then got with Jessica and she wanted to do a transgender themed radio show and back Mark went to attention whore mode. Started doing transition radio, tried to make a reality show out of him and Jessica driving around in the RV, put sex videos on xtube (he took them down long ago so don’t bother looking if you are curious lol) Also the way Mark always wants his partner to take his last name…. (Fun fact on that, Cummings wasn’t Mark’s original last name, he took that name when he was in a domestic partnership with a woman back when he was Maritza.)

    I think there’s a couple things at play here
    1) Mark’s unhappiness. I guess transition didn’t make him happy in the end and neither did detransition. Maybe an intense jealousy over people who are much happier post-transition is contributing to his anti-transition views. But he certainly isn’t going to fix the pain inside him by hurting others.

    2) Mark’s desire to become famous and make money without having to have a job, throwing whoever he has to under the bus to make that happen.

    There does absolutely need to be support for people who are gender variant but don’t feel the need to transition medically and/or socially. There does need to be support for those who detransition. These voices do need to be heard and it is reasonable to have discussions about what gender really is, what gender dysphoria is and whether there are options other than transition for some people who experience it. But a movement against gender transition altogether would be incredibly harmful. It ignores the voices of the many who have been helped by transitioning.

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    1. I wonder sometimes about the attention seeking and self-promotion of people on both sides of the transgender debate. I suspect it’s all about money for some of the right-wingers, and for some of the trans people, too.

      I’m going to do a piece — or have one of our writers do it — about this eventually. By the way, we’re always looking for writers here from around the world . . .


      1. “I wonder sometimes about the attention seeking and self-promotion of people on both sides of the transgender debate.”
        Yes most likely it can be seen on both sides. Of course it can sometimes be difficult to figure out what a person’s true intentions are. I suspect most activists (on both sides) believe wholeheartedly in what they are saying, even if they also are trying to make money and/or a name for themselves by saying it. But there are also opportunists willing to agree with whatever opinion will benefit themselves the most.


    2. Ryan, I have no idea where to begin to clean up all of the shit the you have flung out here in the comment above. First off, you are completely wrong in so many of your accusations. You are so full of it that, upon reading your lies I wondered to myself, “how can one person be so grossly wrong?”

      You have no business commenting and spreading more vicious lies out here in social media. Brainwashed me??? Mark wanted to us to de-transition??? We NEVER de-transitioned, we simply were testing the trans community in our statements and all of you failed even faster than we had anticipated was even possible. Why do you choose to make such a fool of yourself and in such a public forum? I guarantee you that Mark is not unhappy as you can take a gander at our beautiful wedding pictures which we will be getting done tomorrow at our wedding ceremony. We will also have a joy-filled video to commemorate the occasion. Trust me, he has never been happier in his life and why wouldn’t he be?? We found each other and we are so complete.

      We can claim dual gender status because we are dual gender. Mark and I are both of Taino indian descent and we celebrate our unique ability to dance between the two. What is true is that yes, we are two people who are dual gendered. That is a fact, there is no dissonance in that statement. Mark could gave a rat’s ass of care to become famous at all, where do you find it to publish such garbage? Mark made good money and still does, he is a small business owner and has been very successful at whatever he has put his mind to do. Your accusations are so baseless that it is beyond me how you can make such statements??

      A movement to help curtail those who are allowed to transition is sorely needed, this train has left it’s tracks and is now on a collision course in which many will be affected.

      Please cut the bull and stick to facts.


      1. Mark and Lynna,
        First, welcome to this forum.

        I’ll just add a few comments to the discussion, and I am speaking objectively, as a mainstream journalist.

        I would be very careful about talking about other people’s chromosomes — especially people you have never met. While I am not a scientist, I know enough about genetics to say there are myriad chromosomal variations, and that trying to define everybody as either XY or XX is simply incorrect. There are numerous scholarly articles on the web about this subject — trying googling “chromosomal variations in transsexuals.”

        I would also suggest that if you have new scientific research on the subject, that you share it with scientists working in this field. If on the other hand, you are speaking from a “personal beliefs” point of view, well, you are entitled to your beliefs and views and you surely know that by presenting them as such in public, you will spark a debate and hear counter-arguments — like you are experiencing here.

        In some provinces in Canada, people are now permitted to change their names and gender designations without having sexual reassignment surgery, and there seems to be a movement of younger trans people choosing that option. So, some of your views are becoming mainstream.

        However, in an interview I did a while back with a prominent Canadian endocrinologist about hormone replacement therapy, he told me that in his view, the main difference between men and women had little to do with chromosomes and everything to do with hormones. Essentially, give a born-male estrogen long enough and that person becomes female, and vice versa for a born-female given testosterone.

        Whatever the case, transsexual people put their trust in science and the medical field — not in laypersons who often base their beliefs on antiquated, superstitious religious systems or their own personal experiences.

        To you both, I say congratulations on doing what is right for you. And I say the same to all LGBTQ people who follow their own paths despite the naysayers.

        Peace and love.

        Jillian Page

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        1. The only reason we even mentioned chromosomes on our comments Jililian, was in response to Brettany’s comment regardng being an XY female. As a medical professional (ex practicing Occupational Therapist, a profession that deals with physical and mental rehabilitation of the young and old) I am quite aware of the different Karyotypes and the many intersex conditions which unfortunately not many trans people fall under. The so called scholarly articles you speak of are not provable and are only theories. In fact the many doctors and professionals that try to bring their point of view or research are being shut down by the Trans Mafia who are being sponsored by big pharma and we of coarse know to well who WPATH actually is and their intentions.

          The train is out of control and some very wealthy individuals are creating the stage for a free for all in the trans community and buyers need to beware. Biology is still biology and speaking from experience and having had conversations with many in the community who are experiencing regret, I say it is important to allow the other voice, not just the one trans narrative and the crucification of those who try to speak against it is wrong.


  8. What they are trying to do to others is vile.

    And yes, if they truly want to be taken seriously, then they should make a commitment to de-transition. Until then I will make these two points to anyone who tries to delegitimize my transition based on their assertions and example.


    1. no what is vile is the agenda and the players involved in this eugenics. If you knew anything about transitioning after 12 years on Testosterone, full hysto, and all of the changed done, you should know that detransitioning is virtually impossible. Besides there are different forms of detransitioning of which no stereotypical format is known. There are many that have reached out from all over the world thanking us for what we are doing, people have been sold a lie, biology is none negotiable, and at the end no matter how far you run, there you are.


      1. Well, I know a *little* about this because I had transitioned PAST the things testosterone has done to my body as an XY female person. Alas, there are plenty of things about my body that estrogen will never be able to correct. I will always be a blend of male and female, masculine and feminine. BUT for *this* female person, I am most myself expressed as a woman.


        1. what in the world is an XY female person? That is biologically impossible. And as far as what Testosterone has done to your body, is what T does to every male person and of coarse Estrogen cannot correct your body, you were born male, therefore estrogen does not belong in your cellular structure and biological make up. We are all a blend of male and female that is the default, some more than others especially those of us who have some sort of intersex characteristics.

          Do you not see how insulting it sounds to women, when men who want to express their femininity say:” this female person” when they are actually born male, or when many say they are women, when in fact biologically we are not the gender we transition to. This community is getting more and more bizarre, the latest I heard from a hypnotic trans agenda recording, that all women have penises. The new Bodybuilder calling himself an Alpha male trans women. This is all getting to crazy in my opinion.


            1. The thing with trans females they love to dish things out, then claim victimhood when challenged on what they say. I am not arguing here, you called our mission vile and decided to put in your 2 cents, well guess what I am giving you a whole dollars worth. I know more about biology than you know about your claim to womanhood. What you and others in the community are doing is lying through your teeth to fulfill your fantasy and lack of ability to live your life as a man. No one is buying it.


    2. You have no idea how wrong you are. We, who identify and enjoy expressing our duality of being, we are the ones who are vile here? We don’t need to de-transition, we accept our true biology as we well as our other side. We are not delegitimizing the excuse that people have to chop off their genitals in order to claim that they are now the other gender. I am so sorry, I hate to burst your bubble but your surgeries mean nothing to your body, your body only recognizes a neo-vagina as an open wound no different then a bullet wound that it wants to close up. Hence the reason for constant dilation among MTFs. We know plenty about biology to know that an XY female is nothing but a ridiculous assumption on your part. No one is taking away from all of the different karyotypes in chromosomes. No one is saying anything to discount the lives of so many intersex individuals out there, who deal with real gender issues, not the majority of trans-identifying people who are using their diagnosis with gender dysphoria as some kind of golden ticket to a lifetime of cross hormone treatments and expensive surgeries.


      1. No Lynna, you have no idea how wrong *you* are. You are pushing into peoples lives where you are neither wanted nor needed, and when you encounter the inevitable resistance, you use your influence to try to push your “vision” by corrupting the people who are working to help us.

        Stay away from me; I am dealing with my life just fine thank you. (And as I suggested to Mark, learn some biology because despite your and Mark’s assertions to the contrary, I can tell from your remarks that neither of you have even a basic knowledge of intersex conditions. )


        1. self center as you and all of the trans community are, it does not surprise me to hear your words ” leave me alone” Yes leave you and all of you’s who care about nothing but living your fantasies at the cost of innocent children, but no we will not.

          As far as knowing about biology, do you realize I have a medical degree, that I have done research, have created seminars for the medical community prior to the cat being let out of the bag with this trans circus. So Brettany I have plenty of knowledge and background to sit down and discuss this with the best of the best and beyond. We will not sit back and watch this train wreck. Push all you want, we will not back down, on the contrary we will only get stronger, sit back and watch as we educate the world teach our young to be free to express without damaging themselves as many of us have in the quest of a lie. Yes Brett, it is all a lie, I am a woman, you are a man, many may have several karyotype combinations that are not your typical xx and xy, but that does not me that we have the right or should alter our bodies. We need to learn to live as is or face the consequences.

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            1. I too made the assumption that gender could be changed, after 12 years of this, I realize as do many in the community, who after many years of playing along with this, realize that biology cannot be changed and you feel like a fraud, as many in the community are. I will never be a male, nor will you ever be a female. We want to put a buyer beware tag on this tran product. Express as you wish, but don’t think for one minute that you were born in the wrong body, or that you can correct what you feel is a mistake.


              1. So why do you assume that just because you feel one way, everyone else feels the same? Or even that anyone else feels the same?

                “I will never be a male, nor will you ever be a female.”

                I will be exactly what I am: A unique human being. It makes me comfortable and happy to present as a woman and to be accepted as one. And that’s all I seek; I’m not going to get into semantic hair-splitting over what a “real” man or “real” woman is because that’s totally beside the point. You’re the one obsessing over biology.


                1. its not about feeling or obsessing, its about speaking truth and allowing people to realize this truth. The trans community is selling a product of false pretense, and many do claim to be Woman and have disrespect for Cis females. I am not here to get into a battle with you or anyone, we are simply on a mission to share another voice, a voice that many of you try to silence because it threatens your beliefs. There is room enough on this big blue planet for different opinions, we will not be silenced and we will reveal many truths that so many want to keep hidden.


      2. “We don’t need to de-transition, we accept our true biology…”

        If you were so accepting of your “true biology”, why did you transition?


    1. The point is transitioning solves nothing, biology is none negotiable and no matter what we do nothing really changes, we are being sold a lie by individuals who are selling a product. Just look at your feet and hands, look at your structure, no matter what you do, nothing will ever truly change. How long does this community need to live a lie and push it on others?


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