Ben Shapiro files police report against Zoey Tur

Well, it probably comes as no surprise to anyone that conservative commentator Ben Shapiro has filed a police report “alleging battery” against transgender reporter Zoey Tur.

As reported here in a post called Zoey Tur vs. Ben Shapiro: Unprofessional journalism, things got ugly during a televised panel discussion in which the two were participating on Thursday night.

There are several reports online now that say Shapiro has complained to the police. The Blaze advances the story a little bit.

We’ll keep an eye on this case, too.

Here’s the report filed with L.A. police:

— Jillian Page, LGBT Perspectives editor


“Let harmlessness be the keynote of your life.” — Alice Bailey


3 thoughts on “Ben Shapiro files police report against Zoey Tur”

    1. The right-wingers are having a field day with this, and they are all misgendering her and every other trans person. I think this will have serious ramifications for trans people in California, and throughout the U.S. as the right-wingers step up the misgendering.


      1. Eventually they will overreach and very publicly tarnish their “family values” brand. As you’ve said elsewhere, our best response is to ignore them. As a dear friend says about such things: “there is power in silence.” I would add that we simply put the effort into rising above our “stuff” and be the best persons we can be. If they then want to call good, kind, lovely people vile names, they will quickly marginalize themselves.


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