The misgendering tactic: Transgender people should ignore right-wingers

It seems the right-wingers in the United States think they have an effective way to attack trans people: misgender them.

This comes in the wake of the Ben Shapiro/Zoey Tur dust-up on national TV last week, in which Shapiro used the provocative term “sir” in reference to Tur, who responded with what some are alleging to be threats.

Shapiro has filed a complaint with L.A. police over the incident, and the right-wingers are celebrating big time.

So, you can be sure the misgendering tactic will be commonplace now among the right-wing anti-trans crowd, regardless of whether the trans people in question have legally transitioned and if their official, legal gender is female.

So, how should the trans community respond? Well, not like Zoey did, because that’s just what the right-wingers want. They want attention. They want to provoke trans people. They want war.

The best way to respond is not to respond. Ignore them. Let them prattle on in their little blogs and right-wing propaganda spaces. But don’t give them any sort of publicity — and that includes in LGBT-friendly publications.

Don’t take their bait.

Just tune them out.

— Jillian Page, LGBT Perspectives editor


“Let harmlessness be the keynote of your life.” — Alice Bailey


5 thoughts on “The misgendering tactic: Transgender people should ignore right-wingers”

  1. I have learned to let them say what they want. The more I mature as a woman, the more like fools such people appear when they misgender me.

    All through my transition, I made it very easy for people to see me as a decent human being. AND as I progressed, it has become easier for people to see me as a woman than to see me as anything else – oh, yes, they may well see me as a woman of transgender experience, but most people toss my trans-ness into the ‘so what?’ bin.

    Though it stings to be misgendered and misnamed, ultimately, we who are moving into our greatest authenticity are the “right” ones here – it requires far more courage for that trans woman in early transition to wear her dress in public, than it does for others to spew inflammatory venom on a TV show, blog or comment section.

    If we remain the best people we can be, then we ultimately win, even if we suffer some wounds in the process. AND our winsome examples will make it easier for trans folk coming behind us (whether young or older), and eventually the haters will marginalize themselves. Love truly wins, but it takes a lot of time and effort.


  2. You’ve never heard of the Right Wing Echo Chamber?
    One pundit says something outrageous, then another parrots him, and the next day they all use the Rupert Murdoch technique that makes it all seem correct: “People say….”

    If you can stomach it, listen to Faux News for a while and look at how many outrageous statements are preceded with “People say…”. As if that makes it “news”.


    1. One of the problems is that many LGBT publications thrive on reporting what the right-wing publications are printing. So, it becomes a vicious circle — and now it will be even more vicious in parts of the United States.


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