Zoey Tur: In the line of fire by choice

Zoey Tur in her role as a reporter for Inside Edition. (Photo: Zoey Tur/Wikimedia Commons)
Zoey Tur in her role as a reporter for Inside Edition. (Photo: Zoey Tur/Wikimedia Commons)

“If Zoey Tur is legally classified as a female in the state of California, then it might be considered defamatory if someone deliberately misgendered her on air or in any other media reports.”

That was an opinion I offered to a right-winger on Twitter the other day who was misgendering Zoey and generally dumping on her.

Within minutes, I started receiving tweets from people — other right-wingers — not originally involved in the conversation, and some of them were less than polite. The law was irrelevant, as far as they were concerned.

I could see that I had virtually walked into a hornet’s nest of people looking to sting anyone who doesn’t think like they do, so I made my Twitter account private for awhile — so they could no longer abuse me — and retreated.

Afterward, I got to thinking about the incident. I realized that I had somewhat naively, but nevertheless deliberately placed myself in the line of fire. I had gone into a virtual den of bigots and, although I felt I was reasoning with them by making a simple legal point, they probably felt I was provoking them.

Carrying this line of thought forward, I realized that Zoey Tur is quite deliberately putting herself in the line of fire by agreeing to sit in on media panel discussions about trans issues with right-wing bigots who are sure to insult and attack her.

Is Zoey a masochist?

I don’t think so. I think she is very brave.

It’s one thing to advocate for LGBT equality from within safe havens like this one. It’s quite another to cross swords with raving bigots on their turf or in media rings of opinion. Zoey is taking the fight to them in an effort to show them up to the world for what they truly are. She is not going to win every battle. And she is going to be bloodied and bruised on occasion, and make some mistakes.

But Zoey Tur is emerging as a true champion for transgender people. She is going where few dare to tread.

— Jillian Page, LGBT Perspectives editor


“Let harmlessness be the keynote of your life.” — Alice Bailey


8 thoughts on “Zoey Tur: In the line of fire by choice”

  1. But Zoey Tur is emerging as a true champion for transgender people. She is going where few dare to tread.

    Until she EDUCATES herself to Transgender History and Present day Knowledge she is truly a loose Cannon, and not very representative of Trans people in general. FYI she joins these events because she doesn’t see herself as being used. Dr Drew staffers are fully aware of Zoey’s lack of Knowledge filled with Misinformation, and Haughty Know it all attitude, topped with no Diplomacy. To have Her on with Mr Shapiro is akin to Zoey being the gasoline and Shapiro the Bic Lighter. Dr. Drew got the result they were looking for. Not all is as it appears.


  2. Deliberate misgendering is definitely a hostile act. I blame Drew Pinsky (the host of the show) for not clamping down and taking charge. He should simply have said that any further deliberate misgendering would result in Shapiro being taken off the air and that’s that.

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    1. So yes, he should have been kicked out before it got that far. Those who tried to make the point to him had no success whatsoever. To him, using female pronouns for Zoey was and will always be misgendering.

      As disgusting a human being as Ben Shapiro is, and as wrong as his behaviour was, Zoey’s reaction was inappropriate and her history dictates she’s really not helping the transgender cause. If I were a right wing bigot, I’d love to have her on my show and give her all the exposure she could handle.


  3. It was disappointing to watch someone who has put themselves in the line of fire by choice handle it with such a lack of poise. I am never a big fan of “get thicker skin” or “turn the other cheek,” but when you are under public scrutiny you have to be ready to ignore the childish crap and keep the long goal in mind. She forgot that she was there to do a job and decided to try to win a skirmish, to dominate. She needs to remember that when she wins we all win, but when she gets pushy and gets bloodied we all get a bruise or two. I hope she can grow into it.

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  4. I’d offer a word of advice to anyone with some past celebrity cachet to their credit, like Zoey, about jumping into something relatively new and prematurely trying to assume an expert, spokesperson or leadership role. Think twice (at the very least) about doing it.







    As much as I detest bigots like Ben Shapiro and love seeing get them get their comeuppance, I’m more than a bit concerned by what I still see as the foolhardiness of a “loose cannon.”

    That’s just my take.

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  5. “…Zoey Tur is emerging as a true champion for transgender people”
    Really?! Well maybe, just like Don Plett is a self-proclaimed champion of transgender rights. Zoey Tur might be brave, or perhaps just a little crazy, but she isn’t doing transgender people any favours with her words or her actions. She actually makes a better ally to the bigots.

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    1. I understand what you and others are saying, and in an earlier post, I pointed out that the dustup between Zoey and Ben was unprofessional. BUT, what happened highlights what happens to trans people all the time: People deliberately misgender them, and anybody with any sense of decency saw that happen when Ben slurred Zoey. As for the bigots, well, nothing will ever change them. They are set in their ways.


  6. Having only recently learned how aggressively insulting it is to misgender a transgender person, I found the Zoey Tur/Ben Shapiro dustup very hard to watch. It also makes me sick that what *could* be real conversation becomes hostility and attack. We don’t all have to agree, but let’s at least try to understand each other’s point of view.

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