A better Boy Scouts: A message from GLAAD

A message from GLAAD



Victory! Yesterday, the Boy Scouts (of America) ended its ban on gay leaders like me.

When I was kicked out as leader of my son’s Cub Scouts’ pack because I’m openly gay, I was heartbroken.

For thousands of devoted Scouts and parents like me, this policy change is a watershed moment, and long overdue. It’s been an uphill battle and GLAAD has been there from the start, fighting discrimination and pushing for full LGBT acceptance.

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GLAAD first called on the Boy Scouts of America to end its ban on gay Scouts and Scout leaders in April 2012 after they shared my story in national media, launching a years-long campaign to end discrimination in Scouting.

Finally, hardworking and devoted gay adult leaders like me can serve openly and honestly in Scouting without fear of rejection or retribution.

This historic vote will strengthen Scouting and sends a message of acceptance that will resonate for years to come, as future Scout leaders are judged by their ability to lead and not their sexual orientation.

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Thanks for your continued support of GLAAD, and me. Without all of us in this fight, this victory wouldn’t have been possible.

Jennifer Tyrrell
Former Den Leader and GLAAD supporter

P.S. To find out more about my journey, check out this video.


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