Film review: Trans-themed Boy Meets Girl is both funny and profound

1508368_10204821253398719_1402531351_nBy Joanna Wagner
LGBT Perspectives TV & Movie Critic

SAN FRANCISCO — We all know that utopian visions in movies are pure fantasy. Everything doesn’t end happily ever after in real life. Once in a while though, a story comes along that shows us a world that isn’t perfect, but one that we can hope to live in one day. Boy Meets Girl (2014) is just such a story.

Ricky (Michelle Hendley) is an attractive transgender girl in her early twenties. She has lived her entire life in a small Kentucky town where most people have known her since birth and most of them have come to accept her. Ricky’s family loves her unconditionally at first blush, but more will be revealed.

Ricky is a barista by day, but her real job — the one she wants and works at — is fashion designer. This summer though, she spends a lot of her time hanging out with male best friend Robby (Michael Welch). One day a pretty young woman, Francesca (Alexandra Turshen), comes in for a cappuccino. They talk and there is a connection between Ricky and this lovely Southern belle.

Ricky and Francesca meet again at a swimming hole and a friendship develops. Francesca is in need of a dress and discovers Ricky is a fashionista, and the two make plans to shop for a dress for Francesca to wear at her wealthy parents soiree the following night. Nothing is right at the shops, so Ricky proposes to make a dress for her.

Ricky considers herself to be straight; she has only been with a boy once and she has never even kissed a girl. But there is incredible magnetism between her and Francesca. The virginal Francesca is engaged to David (Michael Galante), a U.S. Marine stationed in Afghanistan, but finding themselves alone, they look deeply into each others eyes. A single kiss leads to series of events that will change their own lives and all the people they are close to. Perhaps this setting isn’t as idyllic as it first appears?

Eric Schaeffer wrote, directed and assembled a cast that brings this story to life. Lead actor Michelle Hendley gives a wonderful performance in her first professional outing. Alexandra Turshen and Michelle  together are electrifying. I wanted to be in on that kiss myself.

No transgender-themed movie would be complete without a transphobe, and Michael Galante delivers. The reasons he dislikes Ricky though will definitely surprise you.

The world of Boy Meets Girl is so engaging because it’s a world we can hope for, one that could be if only people would accept one another. If you want to laugh, to cry and have some hope for the future, see this profound and engaging romantic comedy. You won’t be disappointed.

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