Transgender? No apologies or explanations necessary

Choose your battles wisely.

That’s my advice to transgender people who encounter right-wingers and other naysayers who seek to define the parameters of other people’s lives.

Some battles need to be fought, especially in some U.S. states where politicians are attempting to pass absurd “bathroom” bills into law.

Other anti-trans, indeed, anti-LGBT sorts are probably best ignored. Such as right-wing publications like Briebart and The Federalist, and various superstitious ministers, and vocal crusading ex-trans people . . . etc.

You know who I am talking about. None of the people alluded to in the preceding paragraph can make transgenderism go away. Their opinions — which they are entitled to voice — will have next-to-no effect on the evolution of transgenderism. Sure, debate them, if you wish — as some have done here recently with two crusading anti-SRS “ex-trans” people.

But don’t do battle with them, because you don’t need to. You have already won. No matter how vocal they are, they cannot take away the current rights you have in terms of gender presentation  and transitioning.

You don’t owe them an apology or an explanation. In fact, besides the medical professionals you choose to help you, it is none of anyone’s business why you are transgender, or whether you choose to undergo hormone therapy and have sexual reassignment surgery or not.

And here is the most important thing of all: It doesn’t matter whether you are “born this way” or choose your gender presentation. You do not have to justify yourself.

To each their own . . . It’s that simple. No further need to elaborate on that point.


LGBT Perspectives will not be making a habit of allowing crusading ex-trans people and other naysayers to write guest articles here. The recent article by two ex-trans people speaking out against SRS and such was a one-off, giving them a chance to respond to columnist Dianne Skoll’s piece about them — as many mainstream publications would allow on their OPED pages.

This fledgling publication — the successor to my long-running newspaper blog — is pro-trans. It is pro-LGBT. Its mission is to gather LGBT writers from around the world into a collective, and help win equality for LGBT people everywhere.

I am proud to say that in just over a month since it was launched, LGBT Perspectives has seven writers from Canada and the United States, and readership is exceeding expectations.

To our writers: Bravo for all your good work! And to our readers, thank you for joining us!

We shall overcome . . .

— Jillian Page, LGBT Perspectives editor


“Let harmlessness be the keynote of your life.” — Alice Bailey