Boycott Venice because of its anti-LGBT policy?

Elton John is seen performing in Austria on May 3, 2008. (Photo: Thomas Waleczka/Wikimedia Commons)
Elton John is seen performing in Austria on May 3, 2008. (Photo: Thomas Waleczka/Wikimedia Commons)

Thinking of vacationing in Venice?

You might want to reconsider if you are the type of person who boycotts places that have state-sanctioned anti-LGBT policies.

Elton John is getting some publicity — and raising awareness — after criticizing the mayor of Venice, one Luigi Brugnaro, who has banned some 49 LGBT-themed children’s books from the city’s schools, apparently.

The Los Angeles Times reports that “The Grammy Award-winning pop star slammed the mayor via a post on Instagram, featuring the cover image of Todd Parr’s “The Family Book,” which teaches children that there are many different kinds of families. John married his longtime partner, filmmaker David Furnish, in 2014; they have two sons.”

Here is what Elton John wrote on Instagram:

“Here is one of the Furnish-John family’s favourite storybooks. It champions an all-inclusive world where families come in all shapes, sizes and colours. And most importantly, that families are about love. Our boys adore it.

“And in the opposing corner we have Luigi Brugnaro, the extremely silly looking mayor of Venice. He’s stupidly chosen to politicise children’s books by banning titles that touch on same sex families living happily ever after.
So instead of encouraging a world based on inclusiveness, tolerance and love, he’s championing a future society that’s divisive and fosters ignorance.

“Beautiful Venice is indeed sinking, but not as fast as the boorishly bigoted Brugnaro.”

According to the L.A. Times, “The Guardian reported that Brugnaro’s decision (in June) didn’t sit well with Italian authors, 263 of whom signed a letter to the mayor demanding that their books be banned as well. “We don’t want to stay in a city where the books of others are banned,” the authors wrote.

Indeed, maybe the only way to get the mayor to rethink his oppressive behaviour is to boycott Venice all together . . .

— Jillian Page, LGBT Perspectives editor


“Let harmlessness be the keynote of your life.” — Alice Bailey


3 thoughts on “Boycott Venice because of its anti-LGBT policy?”

    1. Not when your in the Country of the Catholic Church, the Worlds greatest detriment to all LGBT+++ especially Transgender. A country of Lemmings.


  1. For some reason this brings to mind an old Lina Wertmuller film, “Seven Beauties, where Giancarlo Giannini ended up in a vat of crap in the concentration camp. Not that I’m exactiy wishing that on Mr. Brugnaro, but … 🙂


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