LGBTory: Should Ottawa Pride give Conservative Party benefit of the doubt?

The Canadian Parliament Buildings on Ottawa, where Conservatives in the House and the Senate have repeatedly voted against federal transgender bills. (Photo: Wikimedia Commons)
The Canadian Parliament Buildings in Ottawa, where Conservatives in the House and the Senate have repeatedly voted against federal transgender rights bills. (Photo: Wikimedia Commons)

By Dianne Skoll
LGBT Perspectives columnist

OTTAWA — There’s a relatively new organization called that purports to be a group for Conservative LGB people.  It’s rather vague about including transgender people.

Recently, a petition to ban LGBTory from participating in Ottawa Capital Pride went up.

I think we need to tread very, very carefully. While it’s undeniable that the Conservative party is obstructionist when it comes to extending LGBT civil rights, I’m not sure we should go about banning groups from Pride parades simply based on their political affiliations.

While it could be that is nothing more than a slightly desperate attempt by the Conservative party to gain LGBT support (and in fact there are indications that some Conservative party resources have been made available to, I think our approach should be cautious. should, in my opinion, be given the benefit of the doubt and treated as a group genuinely interested in distancing the Conservative party from the more rabid socially conservative elements.

What do you think? Should Pride give the benefit of the doubt?


“Let harmlessness be the keynote of your life.” — Alice Bailey


5 thoughts on “LGBTory: Should Ottawa Pride give Conservative Party benefit of the doubt?”

  1. There is actually a petition about LGBTory in an attempt to expose them as a scam!

    “At the head of the LGBTory march in Toronto was Ontario PC Leader Patrick Brown. When Mr. Brown was a Conservative Party of Canada MP, he voted against C-279 and C-389, which at the time sought to add “gender identity” and “gender expression” to the list of protections under the Human Rights Act and the Criminal Code. He voted for Bill C-36, which marginalizes sex workers, a matter of great concern for many members of our community. He strongly opposes the new Ontario sex education curriculum, which introduces children to the concept of people who are transgender.

    In 2006, then MP Patrick Brown voted to repeal same-sex marriage. This is not in the past and this is not isolated. As of February of 2014, the Conservative Party of Canada’s stance on same sex marriage (p.28, Section K, Item 70) is still “We support legislation defining marriage as the union of one man and one woman.”

    LGBTory supports Mr. Brown, and many other politicians like him. By not distancing themselves from politicians who are actively dismantling our rights as members of the LGBTTQIA community, their participation in any Pride parade or Pride festivities is in bad faith.”

    “When confronted by concerned members of the LGBTTQIA community, LGBTory chose either to ignore them, or antagonize them through childish social-media exchanges. These are not the actions of an activist group interested in furthering understanding and rights.”

    “You simply can’t say you support us, while also saying we shouldn’t be able to marry, to sue for discrimination if we’re fired for being trans, to have our murderers charged with hate crimes, or have the means of our survival stripped from us by criminalizing the elements of our trade.”

    And Tories … the T in LGBT does not stand for you … don’t touch it … it stands for Transgender – a group that you often ignore, spew hatred about strip us of basic rights and freedoms. You make life harder for us, and make Canada look like asses in the international activist and rights communities … when we have an opportunity to be leaders for the future!!


  2. After glancing at their rosters, and look up their personal info, especially those running for office, how many are representative from all parts of Canada? – most are based in Toronto
    How many identify as LGBT or just waving our flag? … I often see “(female) … with my husband” … and no other LGBT activity other than this bumper sticker of a group … I guess we are a novelty item, something to hide when their friends are around, but something to display when “slumming” with the groups involved – unaware of even the basic issues, other than how it might effect them in the polls

    I understand about being accepting and inclusive – have them show their support in actuality, not just a pretty banner as a way into Pride Parades and such, where they may not be as welcomed … show it by making changes in party aspects and votes. If we elect these people in who wave this flag, and present them with C279 anew, will they stand against Harper and sign, or will they stand behind him as a unified NO?

    As I said, I am very much for inclusivity … but please let it be 24/7/365 – not just the 60 or whatever days before an ellection where we make decisions that affect their jobs!!


  3. “What do you think? ”

    I’d doubt the benefit of LGBTory’s participation to trans folks.

    For most of us, it’s kinda sorta as substantive as our Log Cabin Republicans welcoming “Bruce” Jenner with open arms. 😉

    ~~ Stephanie


  4. Not a chance! After what Conservatives did to transgender people in both the House and the Senate, I wouldn’t trust them for a minute. They have no place in the Ottawa Pride parade or any other Pride parade until they apologize to all transgender Canadians, and get a trans rights bill passed in the Senate.

    Meanwhile, I urge everybody to vote for the NDP in the October election!


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