GoTopless Day rallies: The message remains the same

By Jillian Page
LGBT Perspectives editor

QUEBEC — I was unable to attend this year’s GoTopless Day Rally in Montreal, but I know a lot of people are curious about how the event turned out — many are looking in here and on my blog  at and reading some of my posts about GoTopless Day rallies. So, I run this post here as a courtesy to all those looking for information about Sunday events.

The message, of course, hasn’t changed from last year: the GoTopless rallies are held in cities around the world in an effort to point out the hypocrisy in laws that allow men to bare their chests in various public places but ban women from doing so. The laws highlight the patriarchal idea of women as sex objects, and the notion that men can’t control their lust if they see our breasts. The laws are an insult to both women and men.

In a recent letter to the editor in a mainstream newspaper, one guy decried the idea of women baring their breasts, saying if we are allowed to do so, then men should be allowed to bare their penises. Do you see the analogy in his statement?

According to a Journal de Montreal report that the GoTopless Montreal group is linking to, about 200 women bared their chests in the rally in Montreal on Sunday. To read more, go to the group’s site.


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