Millennials: The bisexual generation

The bisexual pride flag. (Wikimedia Commons)
The bisexual pride flag. (Wikimedia Commons)

OK. Maybe the title of this item is an overstatement. After all, the Millennials are probably identified more with cellphones and selfies. But a heartening new study has revealed that a large percentage of Millennials say they are bisexual.

I say “heartening” because the results also speak about honesty: I’ve always believed that the majority of people are bisexual, if not in practice, then in their fantasies — and hearts, even if most wouldn’t admit it to anyone. So, it is nice to see so many of the younger generation admitting that they are “at least somewhat bisexual.”

Reports Inquisitr: “A new study by the polling website YouGov shows almost 30 percent of millennials and almost half of all young British millennials consider themselves at least somewhat bisexual.”

— Jillian Page


“Let harmlessness be the keynote of your life.” — Alice Bailey


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