Ottawa radio station launches transgender ‘contest’

Banner from Ottawa radio station Hot 89.9 website promoting its new trans initiative.
Banner from Ottawa radio station The New HOT 89.9 website promoting its trans initiative.

By Dianne Skoll
LGBT Perspectives columnist

OTTAWA — Ottawa radio station The New HOT 89.9 has announced a contest for transgender people.

The contest page, titled “The New Normal,” invites transgender people to talk about their lives. The winner will receive $40,000 toward the cost of transition, though the contest does specify that the winner can use the funds at his or her discretion.

What do you think?

Is this radio station genuinely trying to do some good?

Or is it simply piggybacking its marketing onto the transgender bandwagon?

Either way, would you enter such a contest?


5 thoughts on “Ottawa radio station launches transgender ‘contest’”

  1. It is the topic of the day, true, and some might think the station is taking advantage of that, but you make hay while the sun shines.
    The recent stories being told like Caitlyn and Jazz have opened the door on a long hidden aspect of a marginalized community.
    Too many LGBTQ people end up on the fringes of life, they can’t get good jobs due to their appearances or lack of proper ID due to transitioning, no family support, untreated mental health issues, etc.
    So anything that can help expose these people in a positive light is a good thing.
    And if it can help that they are sharing their story, that’s great too.
    Plus who couldn’t use $40,000?


  2. Each of us has a story that is our own and is precious, so sharing it with the world is something we all must carefully choose to do in a way that best benefits us. To me, this seems like a good thing – yes it’s to gain and retain listeners for a radio station, but it also has direct benefit to the winner as well. To me this looks like a good thing all around. Those who don’t win will have taken the time to write their stories, and of course that can be of benefit later – maybe another opportunity will come up where having their story ready to go might lead to something great. To those who submit to this contest: make sure you find a unique angle to share it from. Don’t make your story sound like everyone else’s.


  3. The information that HOT 89.9 has already put on air has been very positive and accurate. The fact that they have put $40,000 toward this contest tells me they are serious about it. It is not a PR stunt. I have spoken to the Producer and some on air talent and have been impressed with their attitude. They are learning as they go and are giving the Ottawa public good information. This can only help the Trans Community. This contest is intended to help us and I think that is exactly what it will do.


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