Transgender issues: Quebec policy change takes effect Oct. 1

Québec FlagCTV News is reporting that “Quebec is making it easier for transgender people to legally change their sex on official documents.”

“A policy change published Wednesday says people seeking the change must now swear the chosen sex reflects their identity, that they intend to continue living as that sex and that they do so voluntarily.

“They must only obtain a letter from a medical professional if they have already changed the sex on their documents in the past.”

If I am reading this correctly, trans people will no longer have to undergo hormone therapy and have sexual reassignment surgery, or “live full time as their chosen sex for at least two years and obtain a letter from a medical professional confirming that they are transgender as well as an affidavit,” like they used to.

Just make a simple declaration, sign some papers and presto! Will there be any follow-up? Will the government check later to see if the individual really is living in the “chosen sex” they have claimed? I dunno . . .

I know some will complain about the term “chosen sex,” arguing that the sex they identify with is not “chosen.” But I am sure activists will be willing to overlook that error in semantics.

I am going to be totally objective here and not offer my opinion about the relaxed regulation.

What do you think about it? Has Quebec gone too far with it? Or is it doing the right thing? (I believe the relaxed regulation applies to people 18 and older.)

(Photo credit: Quebec flags, from Wikimedia Commons)

— Jillian Page, LGBT Perspectives editor


2 thoughts on “Transgender issues: Quebec policy change takes effect Oct. 1”

  1. I know in Ontario you can change your birth certificate with out having gone through surgery if you were born in Ontario you just need to have some paper work filled out and why you want it changed then from their you can change your heal card to the gender that matches on the BC. As far as them asking down the road if your still living the way you said on the documents, I don’t know if they check up on you after.


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