Bisexuality: Celebrate #BiWeek


I received this letter from GLAAD in my work email today, and I am proud to share it with you because as many of you know, I am a bisexual person. Here’s the letter:

Dear Jillian

Did you know that it’s Bisexual Awareness Week? As an out and proud bisexual woman, I’m celebrating BiWeek – and would love to have you join me!

Why do we need a week to raise awareness about bisexual, pansexual, fluid, and queer people? For one thing, our community is often overlooked, misrepresented, and even erased from the media, from policy, and from the conversation at large – even in LGBT spaces.

Will you help shine a spotlight on our stories? Check out our website for more information about BiWeek, how you can join in the celebration and help spread the word.

The impact of low visibility is no joke. Did you know that bi people grapple with health disparities, relationship violence, depression, and suicide at higher rates than their gay, lesbian, or straight peers?

That’s why BiWeek is so important – to celebrate bisexual, pansexual, fluid, and queer people, all we’ve accomplished, and all we are capable of achieving.

Don’t identify as bisexual? That’s okay because we need allies to join us! You in?

Let’s all celebrate BiWeek together – click here to learn more, share our stories and help spark conversations around bisexuality.

Help us spread the word and bring attention to the amazing work being done by members of the bi community — from Stonewall to yesterday’s White House policy briefing, and beyond.

Working at GLAAD helped me to come out, love, and accept myself as a bi woman, and it means so much to me that I can share this work with you.

Thanks for your support,

Alexandra Bolles
Strategist, Global and U.S. South, GLAAD

Take a look at this new video profiling three bi people who are accelerating acceptance through their work every day.


One thought on “Bisexuality: Celebrate #BiWeek”

  1. Need to look into this in the morning when I have time… I am soooo sick of being invisible even in queer space, being told it’s okay to be lesbian but that I have to choose, that I’m indecisive or sex-crazed, guys hitting on me thinking that I want to have sex with their wife while they watch/get involved, that I’m automatically non-monogamous, all the stupid ignorant stereotypes… ugh. And bi people telling me that there’s no such thing as pansexuality or that it’s the same thing is right up there, more recently. Wake up, people: we’re walking loving proof that everything runs in spectrums, not in stark yes/no binary!


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