LGBT issues: A message from God . . .

Every once in a while, I find messages from “God” on my facebook page and on Twitter.

Well, someone or something called “God” has registered an account on those two social media sites and posts and tweets stuff.

So who knows, eh?

Here’s today’s, er, Facebook message from God to LGBT people and the clergy:


Incidentally, on Facebook, God calls Itself a “comedian.”  Hmm . . . think about that . . .

— Jillian Page


2 thoughts on “LGBT issues: A message from God . . .”

  1. If anyone is curious, there is a virtual conference going on this week called Imago Dei which is running to oppose the spiritual and medical malpractice of the Southern Baptist sponsored conference on “transgender confusion” and “homosexuality.” Imago Dei’s speakers are pre-recorded and available at the following link:

    I am one of the speakers an my presentation is entitled “A Transgender Woman’s Journey of Faith” in which I share how I reconcile my transsexuality & transition, with my Christian faith:


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