Will LGBT supporters boycott NFL’s Houston Texans?

UPDATE: Houston Texans owner Bob McNair rescinded his $10K donation to the anti-LGBT effort on Friday, Oct. 23, 2015. More details here.


Jillian Page
LGBT Perspectives editor

QUEBEC — The owner of Houston’s NFL team is taking some heat over the $10,000 donation he reportedly made to a group opposed to Houston’s LGBT-inclusive equal rights ordinance.

And apparently, Bob McNair isn’t the only person in the sports world opposed to proposed equal civil rights for LGBT people in Houston. The Advocate reports that former Major League Baseball player Lance Berkman, who played for the Houston Astros, has lobbied against the ordinance in a political ad.

There are some concerns that  “repealing the law could damage the city’s economy and could jeopardize high-profile events such as Houston’s 2017 Super Bowl,” the Houston Chronicle reports. The paper says “the law is headed to voters in November.”

I have to admit that I am not up to speed on Texas politics, though I am well aware of its reputation as a redneck state that happily enforces the death penalty.  So, it doesn’t surprise me that some Christian right-wingers are lobbying against it, and that they are using the old bathroom scare tactics so many anti-trans people trot out. We know, though, that so many of these right-wingers hate everyone — not just trans people — who doesn’t conform to their exclusionary superstitious belief systems.

Chances are the ordinance will pass in Houston regardless of the right-wing nitwits. But NFL Football fans in  that city who support LGBT people might now think twice about buying tickets for Houston Texans games and putting their hard-earned dollars into the pockets of Bob McNair.

And perhaps broadcasters will think twice about renewing contracts with the Houston Texans . . .

Boycotts or no boycotts, Bob McNair’s donation to the anti-LGBT side should be a red flag for the NFL and, at the very least, make them rethink the location of the 2017 Super Bowl, regardless of whether the ordinance passes or not. Because you know that in the months leading up to the big game in Houston, a lot of people may be talking about all of this . . .

(Photo from Wikimedia Commons)


“Let harmlessness be the keynote of your life.” — Alice Bailey


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