Westboro Baptist Church finally comes out of the closet

cropped-512px-rainbow_flag_breeze21.jpgI have long suspected that the Westboro Baptist Church folks are really a pro-LGBT organization whose outrageous “anti-LGBT” behaviour is meant to lampoon right-wing nut cases. They have always come across as a living Saturday Night Live skit that virtually no one takes seriously.

But now, I think, we have the confirmation that WBC supports LGBT people. The organization is planning to picket “fake Christian” Kim Davis in Kentucky on Monday.

You may recall that Davis is the elected clerk at the Rowan County courthouse who got her 15 minutes of infamy by refusing to grant marriage licences to same-sex couples, citing her so-called religious beliefs. Davis has also been married and divorced several times, and it’s on that pretense that WBC is protesting against her. Cause, you know, married people aren’t supposed to get divorces . . .

WBC is, reportedly, calling Davis a hypocrite, and is saying that Davis should be allowing same-couples to marry.

Yup. I’m not making this up. WBC has emerged from the closet. The group has finally come right out and shown support for same-sex marriage.

Of course, they are hedging their support with homophobic terminology, no doubt as a smokescreen. But support is support, no matter how you hedge it.

Here’s what they said, according to Pink News:

“Kim claims that she has lived in proud sin for many years, divorcing and remarrying, not one time or two times – in fact you need a score card to keep track,” WBC said in a press release.

The WBC then go on to say that if Davis was a true Christian, she would renounce her sins and show mercy – by allowing gay people to marry.

“If Kim Davis received mercy from God and grace, as she claims, she would, with all due haste put her sin away,” WBC said.

“She would mourn for her sins, and in a show of great mercy, she would be busy apologising to the fags for enabling them, and she would, with all diligence, give those perverts a marriage license.”

Their purported reasoning is as warped as any Saturday Night Live skit could be — and more so.

But the bottom line is, the Westboro Baptist Church are telling Davis to grant marriage licences to same-sex couples.

Conclusion: WBC supports same-sex marriage — confirming my suspicions (or conspiracy theory) from the outset.

Way to go, WBC! Happy picketing on Monday!

— Jillian Page



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