New hope for Canadian transgender people?

Well, well, well . . . .

It’s the day after the trouncing of Stephen Harper and his bad company. No doubt, there are a few people in the Canadian Senate who are feeling a tad squeamish today . . .

But I bet transgender Canadians are feeling a little better about the shapes of things to come.

There appears to be no reason now for a federal gender identity/trans rights bill not to become law, once Prime Minister-elect Trudeau cleans house in the Senate by filling vacant seats and tips the balance of power there from the Conservatives to liberal-minded souls.

Yes, ding dong, the witch is dead . . . if Trudeau lives up to the promise and doesn’t turn out to be the “new boss same as the old boss” (see: Won’t Get Fooled Again, The Who).

No doubt, people acting on behalf of the transgender community will be lobbying the Trudeau government from the day its elected MPs take the oath of office.

Other Liberal promises that were trotted out during the campaign: the legalization/decriminalization of marijuana, no tolls for the new Champlain Bridge in Quebec, lower taxes for the middle class . . .

Will this government be the Canadian version  of Camelot . . . or have Canadians been fooled again?

— Jillian Page, LGBT Perspectives editor


3 thoughts on “New hope for Canadian transgender people?”

  1. I have already sent an e-mail to my local Liberal MP asking for an appointment. He was a surprise winner over the slam dunk Conservative incumbent. I believe strategic voting was the difference here. So bring on the new Gender Identity Bill. It’s time to get it done.


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