Dawn French proves it: All the world’s bisexual

Actress Dawn French. (Source: Facebook)
Actress Dawn French has a new book out called “According to YES.” (Source: Facebook)

QUEBEC — Yet further proof that we are all innately bisexual: actress Dawn French says she has had lesbian fantasies!



OK, you’re probably thinking, “So what?”

Which is what I thought when I came across several headlines (see Pink site) on various sites blurting out the news.

My second thought was: Everybody has all sorts of sexual fantasies. I bet everyone has fantasized about a same-sex encounter (or, if they are gay, an opposite-sex encounter).

My third thought was: Why are Dawn French’s sexual fantasies considered to be news?

But then, ever searching for deeper meanings in life, I realized that Dawn French’s lesbian fantasies — which she has never acted upon, incidentally — prove my long-held theory that we are all innately bisexual, even if we settle into monogamous hetero or gay relationships.

So, you see, Dawn French’s revelation is profound after all, yes?

— Jillian Page, LGBT Perspectives editor


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