Will Caitlyn Jenner accept Woman of the Year Award?

QUEBEC — What could the editors of Glamour magazine be thinking if they name Caitlyn Jenner “Woman of the Year,” as some media outlets are reporting will happen.

Umm, wait a sec. How about: controversy=reader clicks. In other words, click bait.

But you can’t blame some people for wanting to puke when they hear about it, even trans people. After all, many, many trans people come out every year. And many don’t get the sort of support Jenner has received, nor get to profit from it.

What has Caitlyn Jenner done to deserve the award, besides showing she knows how to cash in big time on transgenderism? If you think she should be awarded because she has promoted transgenderism and raised awareness, well, what about all the other trans people who have been selflessly doing it, without the benefit of paparazzi and Hollywood tabs reporting on every breath they take? Without the ka ching, ka ching of the cash register.

Ya but, you might be saying, the award is basically meaningless: It is only Glamour magazine, after all.

Well, as Nicole Russell points out in The Federalist “A movie is never just a movie,” and likewise a magazine cover is never just a magazine cover.

Regardless of whether you consider Caitlyn Jenner to be female or not and whether you think awarding the prize to Jenner is an insult to all “biological” women or not, the bottom-line question is: Does she really deserve to be “Woman of the Year”?

What about all the women out there who have made contributions — and great sacrifices — to humankind’s existence. Or did something to improve the plight of women oppressed by the patriarchy around the world?

Another question: If Glamour rethought its award and named it “Trans Woman of the Year,” would Caitlyn Jenner still be a deserving recipient? Does her experience typify that of the average  trans woman?

Whatever, perhaps Caitlyn will refuse to accept Glamour’s Woman of the Year Award . . . on principle.

Ya think?

— Jillian Page, LGBT Perspectives editor


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