#HERO: Deceit, bigotry and ignorance win the day in Houston

Fundamentalists brought shame on Houston by rejecting HERO. (Photo: Wikimedia Commons)
Fundamentalists brought shame on Houston by rejecting HERO. (Photo: Wikimedia Commons)

Bigotry and dishonesty have won the day in Houston, Texas, as the HERO equal rights ordinance was defeated by voters on Tuesday.

Although it would have insured protection for many groups of people, its defeat was largely the result of an anti-transgender propaganda campaign that dubbed HERO as “the bathroom ordinance” and painted pictures of men using it to follow little girls into bathrooms — in other words, suggesting trans women are pedophiles.

And the scare campaign worked.

During the evening, I spoke with some of the No voters — those opposed to HERO — on Twitter to get an idea of their reasoning. It was clear to me that they completely bought into the bathroom propaganda; they claimed they weren’t opposed to trans people or gay people. They said they were just protecting their wives and children from pedophiles.

When I suggested to a couple of them that this could force hunky bearded trans males to use the women’s facilities, they told me I was wrong: trans men would still use the men’s room, they said. When I asked about which washroom trans women would use, they said the women’s room. In other words, they were totally unclear on the concepts and voted strictly against the idea of pedophile men posing as women to gain access to women’s facilities.

In more other words, they were duped by the right-wingers behind the scenes, the people who are opposed to all things and people LGBT and would just as soon see LGBT people be beheaded by the likes of ISIS.

As The New Civil Rights Movement Points out, the people behind the scenes opposed to the ordinance “have been groups of Christian pastors and preachers, anti-gay hate groups, so-called “pro-family” organizations, Republicans, and Christian conservatives, all of whom engaged in campaigns of lies and deceit.”

And the majority of Houston voters got sucked in by it. Or perhaps I am being too kind: perhaps the majority are simply anti-LGBT, and the people I spoke with tonight on Twitter are the exception.

Whatever the case, majority rules, and LGBT people will continue to be second-class citizens in the city of Houston. No doubt, there will be commercial fallout and a cost to the city’s revenue base, but I suspect few there will care much about that.

Fundamentalists will see this as a victory for their narrow, exclusionary, superstitious belief systems, and no doubt others like them throughout the United States will be inspired to discriminate against LGBT people, too.

And so it goes. The country that is leading the fight in the coalition battle against the extreme bigotry of ISIS abroad is being ripped apart by bigots not entirely unlike ISIS from within.

It’s a sad  day for the United States of America.

My condolences to LGBT people and their supporters in Houston.

— Jillian Page


8 thoughts on “#HERO: Deceit, bigotry and ignorance win the day in Houston”

  1. They talk about how the LGB won their status by being seen as Real People in Society. How many know a Trans Person.?? Think about what HELEN BOYD said:
    “And the thing I tell most audiences at the outset is this: once you know one trans person, you know one trans person, & that is all you know.”
    So WE need to get out there and be VISIBLE, so they {The Ignorant Society] start to see US as People also. EDUCATION, that it is not a Choice and the facts are now available to explain just how we became TRANSGENDER. Its the Christian majority that needs to learn the Truth about us and not the Misinformation given out by the Clerics. This is shown when you take time to talk to regular people of what they know about US. Even many Trans, are not fully cognizant of how they got there. Most of society think it’s a choice and WE are responsible for the choice. Being the receiver of thousands of emails on transgender information, most are concerned with fighting different battles and not much on Public Education………………………….Ignorant people will stay Ignorant unless someone teaches them the Truth.
    Lets start with the Churches as they are the present teachers of Bigotry, Make Information on US available showing the Medical Facts Documented and how People like Paul McHugh have corrupted the Truth for their Hatred and Bigotry. Time for all Trans to be EDUCATORS!?!?


  2. I am very disappointed in Houston right now. We can’t take this lying down. How can this be the land of the free with such ignorance and bigotry?


  3. Houston voters proved they are not heroes. Instead, they are cowards for falling into the fear trap and ganging up on those who are different.

    I really think the only way out of this mess is for strong, enforceable civil rights legislation at the Federal level so we don’t have to keep fighting these same battles in jurisdiction after jurisdiction.


    1. I think that’d be a tough sell; there are plenty of US states with good anti-discrimination protections for trans people. And the weather in many of those states is way better than up here. 🙂


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