#HERO: Religious extremists slaughter LGBT people in Houston

Fundamentalists brought shame on Houston by rejecting HERO. (Photo: Wikimedia Commons)
Houston: A city shrouded in superstitious fundamentalist beliefs. (Photo: Wikimedia Commons)

Jillian Page
LGBT Perspectives editor


That in a word is how the majority of Houston voters define transgender people — if not all LGBT people. It was used in a headline on the Breitbart News site, trumpeting what its editors see as a victory for the No side in the vote on the Houston Equal Rights Ordinance (HERO).

From the opening sentence of the article, writer Lana Shadwick and, in turn, the publication clearly show they do not believe transgender women are women : “Voters of Houston came out in massive numbers and soundly rejected Mayor Anise Parker’s ordinance proposal that would have allowed men to enter women’s bathrooms, showers and changing areas based on gender identification.”

That’s a very telling sentence: it wasn’t really about the fear of pedophiles being enabled by the ordinance to attack girls in washrooms, as the No side preached throughout the campaign. Give Ms. Shadwick credit for being honest: she said it like it really was. The fundamentalist forces behind the No campaign do not accept transgenderism. They do not feel it is legitimate. They think it is a mental illness, or worse, perversion.

The majority of Tuesday’s voters in Houston don’t accept transgenderism either.  And, although few are discussing it, one feminist I spoke with briefly yesterday told me trans males are really females. So, it’s not only about people not accepting trans women. They don’t accept trans men, either.

Of course, the HERO vote was about more than transgender people. It was about providing protections for the entire LGBT community and others. So Houston voters rejected the whole LGBT community, whether individual No voters realized that or not.

But you know the fundamentalists running the No campaign knew it. As one points out in the Breitbart News article:

“This is a national game changer,” said Jonathan Saenz, president of Texas Values Action, in a statement obtained by Breitbart Texas. “Today’s vote is a massive victory for common sense, safety, and religious freedom, not just in Houston, but for all of Texas. The eyes of the nation were on Houston, and the people sent a clear message and soundly rejected this intentionally deceptive and dangerous ordinance.”

“Millions of dollars pouring in from national LGBT extremists, an out-of-control Mayor, and a sustained media onslaught could not overcome the tireless efforts of Houston pastors and people of faith standing for common sense, safety, and liberty,” Saenz continued. “I was born and raised in Houston, and I had faith Houstonians would do the right thing, and they did. This vote will impact the nation and shows, once again, that the people still support common sense Texas values.”

He’s right about it having an impact on the nation. There’s no doubt about it. It sets a precedent; similar LGBT bills will fall to the exclusionary and superstitious deceit of right-wing extremists.

One individual on Twitter raised Caitlyn Jenner’s name, wondering how all the publicity around her played into the Houston vote. It would be a mistake to write off that comment: a lot of people who don’t know much about transgenderism have been turned off by all the media coverage of Ms. Jenner. It would also be a mistake to blame Ms. Jenner for the way the Houston vote went; she has the right to live her life openly, but sadly, many in Houston don’t accept that.

I suspect that the majority of Americans don’t accept it, either.

And we already know that many, if not a majority, of Americans are opposed to same-sex relationships, even though the Supreme Court has overruled their fundamentalist views.

But Tuesday’s No vote is a victory for religious fundamentalism, make no mistake about it. That was the real issue in the vote: “religious freedom,” as Mr. Saenz indicated in the Breitbart News article.

Religious freedom as interpreted by Mr. Saenz and company, though, is religious oppression in the eyes of the LGBT community and its supporters. It’s an old battle, fought over and over again throughout history: superstitious people who believe in imaginary supernatural beings seek to impose their narrow views on everyone, killing those who oppose them. In Houston’s case, there was no literal killing, but LGBT people were figuratively slaughtered by superstitious fundamentalists.

It’s the same old story, and you can be sure that if fundamentalists in the United States could behave like ISIS and behead everyone who doesn’t tow their religious line, they would do it.

Religious fundamentalism itself can be a perversion, as it is for ISIS, and as it is for so many people in the United States. They don’t believe in live and let live; they believe in enslaving people to their warped vision of how life should be lived.

In short, they are the true perverts of America, and the world.


“Let harmlessness be the keynote of your life.” — Alice Bailey


5 thoughts on “#HERO: Religious extremists slaughter LGBT people in Houston”

  1. Calling Breitbart a “news site” is being pretty generous. It’s a right-wing hate site filled with rants and deliberate provocations.

    What disturbs me even more are comments I was reading on some sites. One right-wing site whose link I refuse to post had a headline “6-Year-Old Tranny Gets A Reality Show”. And some guy whose avatar included a Christian cross commented: “This kid’s parents, and everyone involved, should all be dragged to an abandoned warehouse and beaten to death with crowbars.”

    This stuff is genuinely frightening and hateful. And every defeat of an anti-discrimination measure only serves to embolden the haters. I dread saying this, but I think someone is going to die as a direct result of the decision in Houston. You just need to follow the causal chain back.


    1. True, but Breitbart is an accurate representation of how the religious extremists in the U.S. feel. They hate LGBT people, simple as that. The only difference between them and ISIS is that they don’t have to power to behead people like ISIS does. But religious wing-nuts in the U.S. have called for the execution of LGBT people in California and in another state — one of the Carolinas — where a wing-nut pastor called for LGBT people to be put in concentration camps and left to starve to death.

      Meanwhile, some of the maniac U.S. pastors have gone to African nations and convinced rulers there to imprison gay people.

      U.S. Christian zealots are a dangerous bunch, make no mistake about it. And Breitbart News is an accurate reflection of how they think, if not somewhat tame.


  2. Thanks, Jill. No offense to Jesus, but you absolutely nailed this post. Hard to believe Jesus would ever tolerate this insaenz crap. These pure, true believers don’t even need 30 pieces of silver to pervert him.


  3. ItS time to get religion out of influence elections time to revolk thier tax exemption statis American has become stupid thy allow these religious groups to maintain a tax statis that thy use against us trans people need to ban together an be high profile trans people need to arm themselves an defend the self seeing the government won’t stand you’re ground laws,will work just as thy were ment to


  4. Ignorance lost the election, an example of Pick Your Battles. The Bathroom bill was the choice and again the Education of Society was not even given a thought.

    They talk about how the LGB won their status by being seen as Real People in Society. How many know a Trans Person.?? Think about what HELEN BOYD said:
    “And the thing I tell most audiences at the outset is this: once you know one trans person, you know one trans person, & that is all you know.”
    So WE need to get out there and be VISIBLE, so they {The Ignorant Society] start to see US as People also. EDUCATION, that it is not a Choice and the facts are now available to explain just how we became TRANSGENDER. Its the Christian majority that needs to learn the Truth about us and not the Misinformation given out by the Clerics. This is shown when you take time to talk to regular people of what they know about US. Even many Trans, are not fully cognizant of how they got there. Most of society think it’s a choice and WE are responsible for the choice. Being the receiver of thousands of emails on transgender information, most are concerned with fighting different battles and not much on Public Education………………………….Ignorant people will stay Ignorant unless someone teaches them the Truth.
    Lets start with the Churches as they are the present teachers of Bigotry, Make Information on US available showing the Medical Facts Documented and how People like Paul McHugh have corrupted the Truth for their Hatred and Bigotry. Time for all Trans to be EDUCATORS!?!?


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