#HERO: Watch Seth Meyers’ closer look at disgraceful Houston vote (video)

On NBC’s Late Show Wednesday night (Nov. 4), Seth Myers offered viewers a “closer look” at the disgraceful anti-HERO vote in Houston, which saw religious extremists win their propaganda hate campaign that used bathroom scare tactics as a lightning rod to deny the entire LGBT community basic civil rights protections.

As Peter Weber of The Week reports:

“Meyers … ridiculed the idea that women’s bathrooms are a great place to see “booty,” as one opponent said, noting archly that that last place you’d want to see “booty” is in a restroom, because “that’s when the booty is busy.” But “more importantly, the idea that you could go into a bathroom and do anything other than use the toilet is already illegal in Houston,” he pointed out, and has been since 1972. “Now, it would be wrong to paint Houston as an intolerant city — it’s not fair,” Meyers said, noting that the outgoing three-term mayor, Annise Parker, is openly gay. “So how could a city that elected a gay mayor vote against this law?” He didn’t have a great answer, just a joke about falling asleep in church, but he did end with a warning to gay rights advocates — and cartoonists. Watch (the video).”


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