Women are never straight? Everybody’s bisexual, you know

From the “I knew it and I told you so” department comes verification, in part, that everyone is bisexual, innately if not in practice.

A new study has reportedly revealed that women are either bisexual or lesbian, but never “straight,” several media outlets are reporting today.

From The Telegraph:

“A study has found that most women who say they are straight are in fact aroused by videos of both naked men and naked women.”

Of course, I have been preaching this sort of thing all along, not just about women, but about men, too.

And I strongly suspect that male religious extremists who lash out publicly at gay people are doing so because of the guilt they feel over having gay sexual fantasies, i.e. of the masturbatory sort. (You know the holier-than-thou bigots I’m talking about.)

Of course, being bisexual by nature doesn’t mean you have to get it on with members of both sexes. Many of us — yes, I am happily bisexual — are in monogamous relationships. Personally, I’m in a relationship with a woman, so you could define it as a lesbian relationship — but I’m bisexual, see! I was in a hetero relationship with a man before, and I was still bisexual, see!

So, there you go. Researchers are finally starting to catch up with what we bisexual people already knew: Everyone is innately bisexual.

P.S. True love, if not lust, transcends gender. It’s about an inner connection, perhaps spiritual, as some of us believe. As for the spirit, well, I could get very metaphysical about it being innately sexless . . . another time, perhaps.

— Jillian Page


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