Hey, Ben Carson, how about bathrooms for bigots?

Gee, a person takes a few days off and the LGBT news just piles up . . . I’m still catching up . . .

U.S. Republican candidate Ben Carson no doubt felt he meant well when he floated (off the top of his head) the idea of creating separate public washrooms for transgender people.

Sigh . . . it’s just wrong on so many levels. But this is Ben Carson we are talking about, who doesn’t have a hope in hell of winning the leadership, let alone becoming president of the United States.

So, nobody should take anything he says too seriously — except, of course, that he is adding to the discrimination against trans people at a time when they are under fire from right-wing religious extremists, TERFS and other transphobic people. And at a time when violence against transgender people has never been higher in the United States.

Here’s a suggestion for Ben (given with tongue planted in cheek): How about washrooms designed specifically for religious extremists, TERFS and everyone else who rejects and hates trans people?

But I digress . . .

— Jillian Page


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One thought on “Hey, Ben Carson, how about bathrooms for bigots?”

  1. You would be surprised how many people hang on his every word. Including my mother-in-law. When ryan quit the race, he said “I can’t believe I’m losing to these two.” [Trump and Carson].

    Look at it this way, if either of them win the republican nomination, then Clinton or Sanders will be our next president. And if Elizabeth Warren is our Vice President, wow.


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