The LGBT community: Some people need to simply walk away from it

Funny, or odd, how some people are making a lot of noise these days about removing the “G” or “L” or “B” or “T” from LGBT, pointing at other members and saying, essentially, “we don’t want to be part of the community if they’re in it. Remove us.”

But, no one to the best of my knowledge carries official documentation like a birth certificate or driver’s licence that lists them as members of the LGBT community.

In other words, you don’t have to identify as an LGBT person, and you certainly don’t have to participate in any forums that are created for LGBTQ people.

So, if it is causing you so much grief, why not simply walk away from it — as many have actually done. I know of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people who have nothing to do with LGBTQ clubs, events, etc. They just live their lives with their partners and do their own thing. They don’t need the affirmation of LGBTQ organizations.

No, I’m not dumping on LGBTQ organizations. I’m just saying that being a member of said community is not compulsory.  If you are not happy in it, don’t try to destroy it for those who want it: simply walk away from it.

And besides, there is actually no one in an official position to remove any letters from LGBT . . . if you really think about it.

— Jillian Page



2 thoughts on “The LGBT community: Some people need to simply walk away from it”

  1. Jillian. though we’re not among the community discussed here, we have always appreciated your candid and straightforward approach to LGBT issues. Overly enthusiastic folks promoting an agenda can be counterproductive, while intelligent conversation can be enlightening and credible!


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