Are LGBT people welcome at Drury Hotels in the United States?

I’m guessing that many LGBT people and their supporters will be thinking twice before booking a room at a Drury Inn, a chain of hotels in the United States with some 121 locations in 21 states.

Some may call ahead to confirm that the hotels welcome LGBT people — all LGBT people.

This comes after a trans woman spent eight days in an Iowa  county jail after she was suspected of being a prostitute, the Des Moines Register is reporting. She  has filed a complaint against a Drury hotel alleging she was harassed because of her gender identity.

Says the report:

“Meagan Taylor was staying at the Drury Inn on July 13 with a friend while on a trip from Illinois to a funeral in Kansas City. Staff called West Des Moines police at some point after the two checked into the hotel to report suspected prostitution activity because the two were “men dressed like women.”

“… workers gave them “looks of disgust” and avoided eye contact during an unusual check-in that took longer than an hour. Taylor (who is black) saw white guests arrive whose check-in process took less than five minutes, she wrote.

“This ordeal was humiliating, scary and traumatizing,” she wrote in the complaint. “I felt powerless and degraded. I realized I was not welcome in a public place simply because of who I am. Through no fault of my own, I was targeted, harassed, arrested, and forced to miss a funeral simply because I chose to stay at a hotel where I was unwelcome.”

Charges against her — which included possessing hormones without having the prescription handy —  have been dropped.

One hopes this is just an isolated incident, and not a reflection of a bigger problem throughout the chain of hotels. Are trans people welcome at other Drury Inns?  How about same-sex couples?

I don’t know the answers, and the newspaper says “A representative of the hotel chain was not immediately available to speak with a reporter.”

You can read more about this story on the newspaper’s website.

— Jillian Page


One thought on “Are LGBT people welcome at Drury Hotels in the United States?”

  1. “… workers gave them “looks of disgust” and avoided eye contact
    Typical conservative Christian attitude, and a shame because Ignorance can be educated, as Aristophanes said 2300 years ago, but Stupid is forever.


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