First Person: Remembering . . .

It’s on days like this, when I find myself crying because of all the horrible things people do to each other and to the planet, that I look forward to being freed from the mortal coil and the material plane.

Some have said that all things are unfolding as they should here, and as a Theosophist I see the karmic meaning in that. Yes, we are all reaping what we have sown over many incarnations. And we are still sowing a lot of seeds now, both personally and collectively.

I also know that this earth is something of a schoolyard for us all, that some day each of us will learn all our lessons and evolve to the point where we will permanently transcend this hell, never to reincarnate here again.

Still, I know that I will be back here time and time and time again, both as a student and, by choice when I am ready, as a guide . . .

Still, today I cry . . .

In remembrance of all who have fought for our freedom . . .

— Jillian Page

“Let harmlessness be the keynote of your life.” — Alice Bailey

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