#HERO: Christian Post writer straight up about anti-LGBT issues

Well, give Christian Post contributor Michael Brown credit for one thing: he’s honest. He’s one of the few conservatives who admits publicly the anti-HERO campaign in Houston was about more than a “transgender bathroom issue,”  as disingenuous conservatives in that city portrayed it.

It was a vote against LGBT rights, or a “pushback,” as he calls it in an article with the headline We Can Turn the Tide on LGBT Activism, Recent Events Show.

“Lesbian activist mayor Annise Parker suffered a stinging defeat when her “anti-discrimination” bill, which focused on LGBT “rights,” was crushed by the voters,” he says triumphantly.

He also trots out Kim Davis of Kentucky as some sort of champion of anti-LGBT pushback, then goes on to talk about the ridiculous “Drop the T in LGBT” petition, citing it as a “small sign of a breach between gay activism and transgender activism.”

There’s more, but you get the gist: Michael is talking about a fundamentalist pushback against all LGBT people, not just transgender people. He believes that LGBT people are overplaying their hand and that the tide will turn against them.

I’m not going to criticize him here, because he is entitled to his views, and he presents them honestly. I’m objective enough that I can read his articles and agree to disagree with him.

But it is worth noting that Christianity itself is a house long breached and divided, and that the ranks of exclusionary Christians like Michael are diminishing daily. They are a dying breed.

And while some of its principles will survive — i.e. the ones common to most schools of spirituality  — the days of Christianity itself are dwindling.

— Jillian Page

“Let harmlessness be the keynote of your life.” — Alice Bailey

Theosophical Society: theosociety.org


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