Utah judge finally got the message, apparently

Update, Friday, Nov. 13: After an international backlash, the judge in this case has rescinded his original order and the baby will be allowed to stay with her same-sex parents.


The post below was put up here on Thursday, Nov. 12

A sad case out of Utah reminds us that same-sex couples in America still have a long way to go before they will have full equality in the eyes of the entire judicial system there.

A juvenile court judge has ordered a lesbian couple to give up their foster child, a baby, simply because they are lesbians. Said one of the women: “He said in research he has looked at, children don’t do very well in homosexual homes, they do better in heterosexual homes.”

The decision has startled everyone, including the governor of the state, and will be appealed, the New York Times is reporting.

Gov. Gary R. Herbert, a Republican, said he was puzzled by the ruling, adding that the judge should not “inject his own personal beliefs and feelings” into his decisions.

“He may not like the law,” the governor said, “but he should follow the law.”

The law, of course, is the ruling from a federal appeals court last year that overturned a voter-approved state ban on same-sex marriages, and thus gives same-sex couples equal civil rights when it comes to marriage, adoption and fostering children. Oh, yes, and then there was the Supreme Court ruling this year . . .

Could somebody brief the Utah judge, please.

Stay tuned . . .

— Jillian Page


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