The Bible is not the word of God

800px-Sandro_Botticelli_057Message to Christians: I bet you don’t like the title of this post. I suspect you think I should have added the words “in my opinion” to it.

And I should have, of course. But you never do so when you proclaim the Bible as the “word of God.” You expect everyone to accept the idea without second thought, as in “blind faith.”

Well, not everyone is that sheepish.

You see, not everybody believes the Bible is the “word of God.” In fact, the majority probably think the Bible is the “word of superstitious men” who sought to impose their moral code on the world, and who ripped off earlier schools of spirituality and religious thought.

Of course, I don’t mind or care if you choose to believe the Bible was inspired by a supernatural entity that has since remained silent after issuing a book riddled with superstitious babble. But I do mind that you try to impose your belief system on everybody else, and that you have been oppressing people for centuries.

Why do I mention this on the day after the #ParisAttacks? Well, for two reasons. #ISIS is showing the world just how far religious fundamentalists can go in imposing their religious beliefs on people. And there is no doubt that many Christians have done the same and would continue to do so if they could get away with it.

Second, “gospel artist Kirk Franklin is in hot water with some members of the Christian community after apologising to lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) people for homophobia prevalent in the black church,” the International Business Times and others are reporting.

He says “God is about grace and love and the Bible is not a book “that’s an attack on gay people,” or a “book written to attack gay people”, the IB Times reports.

But not all Christians agree. Reports the IB Times: “Don’t see how its ever necessary to apologise for reiterating what the word of God says,” one critic wrote.

So, Christians and all other religious people out there seeking to impose your beliefs on everyone else: You may believe that the books you cherish are the “word of God,” but not everyone else does. It is a fact that your books were written down by men. If you want to believe they were inspired by a supernatural entity, that is your right. And it is the right — whether you like it or not — of everyone else to see them as mere books inspired not by gods, but by men.

Now, I could tell you that this message comes straight from God, speaking through me, couldn’t I . . .

(Photo: Painting by Sandro Botticelli, from Wikimedia Commons)

— Jillian Page


5 thoughts on “The Bible is not the word of God”

  1. People forget that the early Bibles, such as the KJV, were written for a patron, in this case King James. Given that, the scribes who wrote it would interpret some passages to agree with their patron’s own views. Today, that would probably be phrased along the lines of “if the man ain’t happy, we don’t get paid”.

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  2. Thoroughly RIGHT ON ! ! I agree completely, as it’s a MAN MADE book with most stories from thirty years to hundred’s of years after Christ lived. They had no Dicta Phone machines, stenographers, and 99+% of the people couldn’t read. So even with all the documenting systems we have today we cannot keep a story straight in a group of Translations. These are Metaphorical stories to Teach their lessons, and to a public that was Ignorant [as many Christians of today] It worked well. Ignorance of today is really, being too Lazy to verify what church leaders tell you. Faith in God is one thing, putting faith in another human is totally different. We have Truth in Selling, Truth in Buying, Truth in Advertising, and many other Truths of today. What we need is Truth in Religion. If you do not follow the real teachings of the Christ in all ways, [Not the interpretation of people who have an axe to grind, as MONEY is prevalent in their minds] but the real life of Christ, then you cannot call yourself a Christian. {I am not one of them]

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