TDoR: Fear

There is a lot of fear going around these days, after the horrific attacks in Paris last week. That was the goal of the perpetrators: to sow fear and division among people who only want to live their lives in peace.

So, it would be easy to understand how we could overlook seemingly trivial, by comparison, divisive attempts by, say, the creator of the recent “Drop the T from LGBT” petition. After all, there are no lives lost as a result of that petition — yet.

But, of course, transgender people know that the petition attempt comes from the same slimy wellspring that nourishes, and poisons, the minds of ISIS terrorists. It’s called hate, and it has many shades. And it sows seeds of division that can get wildly out of hand, a la ISIS

Transgender people are confronted by transphobia every day we venture outside our front doors, to greater and lesser degrees.  And we know there is always someone lurking who wants to drop the T from the planet permanently, and who would assault us or kill us if the opportunity presents itself.  Those transphobes draw on the same aforementioned wellspring of hate, and their hate is fed by acts big and small, by the words and actions of the “Drop the T” petition creators and ISIS — they are one and the same, because they oppose unity and brotherly/sisterly love.

So today, we share much with the citizens of the world who weep for the victims in Paris. We weep with them. And we share the same fear they do. Indeed, much of the world is united in fear and sorrow.

And one more thing: we share the determination not to let the hate of ISIS bring us down. The world will overcome ISIS.

And transgender people will overcome the bigotry of those who would persecute and oppress us.

Count on it.

One day we will not have to live in fear.

— Jillian Page


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