Cruz control: Playing his Trump card?

Dianne Skoll
LGBT Perspectives

OTTAWA — Wow. You can’t make up this sort of thing. Ted Cruz, an actual contender for the Republican nominee for president of the United
States, mused that Robert L. Dear (the suspect in the recent Colorado
Planned Parenthood shooting) might be a “Transgendered Leftist.”

Look, Mr. Cruz. We see what you’re doing. Your trying to out-Trump the Trump himself.  Or should I say herself — since you folks seem to delight in deliberately misgendering people, I thought we could return the compliment, Mrs. Cruz. (You are married, right? You’re not worth anything otherwise.)

Anyway, please take a little piece of advice from a transgender woman of undisclosed political affiliation: If you want to hit all the hot buttons of your base, don’t be so timid as to stop at “transgender leftist.” I suggest your campaign team work the following phrase into as many campaign stops as they can:

“Why, he’s an atheist pro-abortion environmentalist liberal leftist feminist transgender drug-promoting gun-controlling Muslim Mexican-Syrian refugee who promotes the homosexual agenda, opposes family values, ignores law and order, and supports socialistic medicine.”

That will rile up your base nicely. You like it? It’s yours, and you’re welcome.


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