Caitlyn Jenner apologizes for ‘man in a dress’ comment

Caitlyn Jenner has written an apology for the controversial “man in a dress” comment she made recently in a Time magazine article.

The column is reprinted on the Huffington Post site from Who Say — read it here. The headline on the piece: Still So Much to Learn

Indeed, I think everyone who has been through the gender-transitioning journey can relate to some of what she says: everyone makes mistakes along the way.

I think Caitlyn deserves credit for stepping up and apologizing — and explaining why she made the comments.

I think we can all understand that transitioning as she is in the spotlight is no easy task.

So there we go: trans people spoke out, Caitlyn listened, and she apologized and will no doubt make some adjustments.

It’s time to forgive and forget — though, the posts that I’ve done on the issues will stay up because there are some good discussions going on in the readers’ comments.

Meanwhile, I do want to say that, personally, as an editor, I have to wonder why the Time magazine editors didn’t catch Caitlyn’s fall when she made those comments. A good editor would have challenged them, and at the very least, asked her to clarify, if not deleted them altogether. Time magazine editors need to do some reflecting on this, in my opinion.

Caitlyn, bravo for your statement. And by the way, you are welcome to write a guest piece here.

— Jillian Page


One thought on “Caitlyn Jenner apologizes for ‘man in a dress’ comment”

  1. Caitlyn still needs to take an Educational Sabbatical for all our benefits, and hers. Time magazine likes muffs in speech, that follows anti trans for their readers. Someone should interview Time, and really ask what their TRANS agenda is and why.


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