Editor’s note: Let’s rock!

Yes, it has been quiet here in the last little while as everybody has stepped back for the holiday period.

I have been thinking about the initial purpose of this publication: I had hoped it would feature a collective of writers from around the world offering perspectives on LGBT issues in the news. I never wanted it to be just my blog featuring only my thoughts because I already have a personal blog where I could write about LGBT issues if I chose to.

And we have had several contributions from diverse writers in the first six months, but not many in the last month or so. Still, as long as there is anyone who wants to contribute here (besides me), I won’t pull the plug on this publication. There are a few people who want to write here, and there are people who want to read here. We’ve even been contacted by LGBT fiction writers — novelists — asking us to review their books. I take that as a compliment.

I thank all those who have contributed here in 2015, out of the goodness of your hearts (because there is no money involved). You contributed because you care about your LGBT sisters and brothers.

And I thank all those those who clicked in here to read posts.

So onward and upward for 2016.

Wishing you all peace, love and happiness in the New Year.


— Jillian Page


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