Fear, Loathing and Incitement

Dianne Skoll
LGBT Perspectives

A recent piece on a conservative site called the Daily Signal talked about a ruling by Washington State’s human rights tribunal that made it illegal for businesses to make sex-specific facilities off-limits to transgender people who identify as that sex.

Naturally the comment section was filled with apoplectic postings by social conservatives. But I think it’s instructive to look at a few specific comments.

Rick Caston of The Citadel, The Military College of South Carolina:
“Mark my words, if I see a man follow one of my daughters into the women’s bathroom. …”

Tom Prendergast of Michigan State University:
“If I were in a business and my wife went to the rest room and some guy followed her in there would be trouble, I can guarantee you that. If it were my daughter in that restroom it would transcend trouble….”

Mike McCrindle:
“Any disgusting thing to subvert society. This leftist insanity is killing America – but those leftist filth hate America and what made us great. Time for another civil war.”

All of the calls to violence—every single one—have come from opponents of the ruling. No supporter of the ruling—not even one—has responded in violent terms.

And what does this show? It simply shows that LGBT discrimination is highly insidious and leads to incitement and violence. It’s not a matter of “freedom of conscience” to discriminate. It’s an actual threat to public safety.


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