Transgender issues: Judge dismisses ‘bathroom’ suit against Planet Fitness in Michigan

The Midland County Courthouse, in Michigan. (Photo: Wikipedia)
The Midland County Courthouse, in Michigan. (Photo: Wikipedia)

A Michigan judge has dismissed what many viewed as an anti-transgender lawsuit against a Planet Fitness gym in Midland County.

You may recall that a client freaked out there last year when she saw a trans woman in the women’s locker room.  She complained to the management about it, to the point that Planet Fitness revoked her membership, saying she violated the gym’s non-discrimination policy.

So, she sued.

According to a CNN report on the Las Vegas Review-Journal site, Yvette Cormier said she was never told about the policy and her suit “said Planet Fitness’ policy on gender identity creates a hostile and offensive environment for women and children, claiming that allowing a transgender women into the locker room is an invasion of privacy that also impedes on civil rights.” The suit also claims that cancelling her membership without making her fully aware of its policies is a breach of contract, the report says.

And there is this quote:

“They should point that out before you sign up to join their gym or post it on the front of the bathroom door,” Cormier said in a previous interview.

Hmm. Note that Cormier used the word “bathroom” in that interview.

So, what exactly should a note on the bathroom door say, Ms. Cormier?

She was claiming $25,000 in damages and will appeal the Jan. 11 dismissal ruling, apparently.

Her lawyer is sticking to the old bathroom/locker room propaganda scare tactic, saying this:

“Mrs. Cormier filed this lawsuit to protect women and children and to hold Planet Fitness accountable for its irresponsible policy and actions. It is clear that the appellate courts in Michigan will have the final say in this case.”

Meanwhile, the court has moved to protect Planet Fitness members from the likes of Yvette Cormier.

Kudos to both the court and to Planet Fitness.

To digress for a moment: You gotta wonder how much it’s costing Cormier for legal bills.

— Jillian Page


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