Ricky Gervais transphobic? Nope! He’s just a savvy self-promoter


So many transgender people got sucked in again, this time by British comedian Ricky Gervais — who knew exactly what he was doing when he cracked wise about Caitlyn Jenner’s driving accident during his opening comments as host of the Golden Globe Awards on Sunday.

So, so predictably, there was a social media backlash against him, and Gervais is as pleased as punch because he is getting all kinds of publicity. He said as much when he tweeted out the following:

He also said the following:

So,  were his comments transphobic?

Answer: No. Unless you consider it to be transphobic when someone, i.e. Ricky, deliberately and publicly milks the Caitlyn Jenner story knowing full well it would get some trans gatekeepers upset because, heaven forbid, non-transgender people are not allowed to talk about trans issues without first being vetted by the gatekeepers. And knowing full well it would create a social media storm and have everybody talking about Ricky!

Hey, kudos to whoever wrote Ricky’s opening comments, who is in good(?) company now with the likes of Dame Edna, who also knows how to stoke the trans community for publicity.

But in all seriousness, Ricky is right on when he points out the following:

No. The joke about Caityn Jenner wasn’t transphobic. In fact, it was a pretty lame joke and it certainly isn’t worth all the fuss . . . but, hey, that entertainment!

— Jillian Page



2 thoughts on “Ricky Gervais transphobic? Nope! He’s just a savvy self-promoter”

  1. Worked in Theatre for years old axiom: Don’t care what you say about me, just make sure you spell my name correctly. At times it’s better to Chill Out. Ricky achieved his goal………………………….


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