LGBTory Canada is for real

Jillian Page
LGBT Perspectives editor

QUEBEC — I don’t think you can blame people for being skeptical about the motives of a group called LGBTory during last year’s federal election campaign in Canada.

And there was some question about whether LGBTory should have been allowed to participate in Ottawa’s Pride parade during a vicious election campaign that saw support for the federal Conservatives plummet and, ultimately, the election of a Liberal majority government in October.

Were they a last-gasp attempt by Stephen Harper and company to win votes from anybody? Yes, many were suspicious, even cynical.

I was one of those who felt during the campaign that the legitimacy of LGBTory could only be verified after the election. If, as Conservatives, they still urged their party to clean up its policies concerning LGBT people, then we’d know they are for real and weren’t part of a re-election conspiracy last summer.

Well, the LGBTory group is for real — I’m really happy to say that.

A Canadian Press article on the Globe and Mail site reports this:

A group of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgendered Tories says now is the time to drop language opposing same-sex marriage from Conservative party policy.The party’s need to rebuild after the fall election provides an opportunity to get rid of a policy that’s offensive and hurts the party’s chances for growth, a group called LGBTories says and they are asking interim party leader Rona Ambrose for help.

“This policy is a significant obstacle to the acceptance of the Conservative message by voters who would otherwise be attracted to the party’s stance on economic, security, and foreign policy issues,” they wrote in a letter to her made public this week.

They’re right about that. I, for one, might have voted for the Conservatives in the last election had it not been for its anti-LGBT attitudes — especially the Conservative-dominated treatment of a trans rights bill in the Senate. I’m with the Conservatives on security issues, though, and I am saddened to see how Justin Trudeau and his Liberal party have brought disgrace upon Canada in the international community with the plan to withdraw our fighter jets from the coalition battle against the degenerate terrorists known as “ISIS.”

LGBTory really has nothing to lose now. And they’re speaking up ahead of the Conservative policy convention this spring — and before a new party leader is elected.

So, bravo for LGBTory for this new effort on behalf of same-sex couples. I hope they will speak up for transgender people now, too.

Incidentally, some of us wondered about the “LGBTory” name: was the “T” meant to erase transgender people from “LGBT,” as some right-wingers and rad-fems in the United States tried to do last year by overtly removing the “T” from “LGBT”?

Well, no: As the LGBTory site explains, “We are Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) Conservatives who refuse to endorse wasteful and ineffective government policies …””

As if to emphasize the point that transgender people are not being left out, an editor at the Globe and Mail put this headline up over the CP article: “LGBT Tories organizing to change party’s policy on same-sex marriage”.

Good call by that editor.

P.S. How about Rona Ambrose for Conservative party leader?


2 thoughts on “LGBTory Canada is for real”

  1. Yes, the group exists. So do the Log Cabin Republicans. That doesn’t mean a heck of a lot.

    Given how quick they were to block people on Twitter who questioned their objectives last election, it will be some time before they convince me and a lot of other people that they are anything other than a cynical attempt at astroturfing during a campaign that became increasingly desperate for the Conservatives.

    Granted, in my mind, anyone who is LGBT that affiliates themselves politically with the Harper-era CPC is kidding themselves if they think the party is going to shed its anti-LGBT policies anytime soon. The religious base is far too powerful within the party, and isn’t likely to “ride off quietly into the night” either.


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