Florida: Why would LGBT people want to do business with bigots?

Jillian Page
LGBT Perspectives editor

QUEBEC — Indeed, why would anybody — except narrow-minded bigoted right-wingers — in the state of Florida do business with a company that discriminates against LGBT people?

And why would anybody outside of Florida — Canadian snowbirds, take note — who cares about LGBT rights pick that state as a vacation destination?

The Miami New Times reports: “Even though same-sex marriage is now legal in Florida, it’s also still completely within the law for an employer to fire someone for being gay or a landlord to deny housing to a transgender tenant in large swaths of the state. For the tenth time, a coalition of bipartisan lawmakers (yes, even some Republicans) and some of Florida’s biggest employers tried to change this by supporting the Florida Competitive Workplace Act. It failed again after dying (Wednesday, Feb. 10) in the Senate Judiciary Committee. ”

Yadda, yadda, yadda . . .

I’m striking Florida off my list of vacation destinations, as well as all other states that don’t offer LGBT protections.


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