Republican National Committee passes Anti-Trans Resolution

Dianne Skoll
LGBT Perspectives

It’s official: The Republican Party has declared itself to be in opposition to transgender people by passing a resolution (PDF) condemning the Federal Government for interpreting Title IX policies as protecting against discrimination on the basis of gender identity.

Why was this resolution passed with so little fanfare?  To me, the motivation is obvious: Having lost the anti-same-sex marriage battle, the RNC is desperate to burnish its socially-conservative credentials with its more radical base, and so it picks on an even more marginalized and smaller target than same-sex couples.

And why was it done sneakily?  It could be that the Republicans are finally waking up to the fact that US demographics have changed and that while radically-conservative policies play well in certain parts of the country, overall they’re a losing strategy.
I think the Republicans are playing a game of deception, trying to placate the radicals while avoiding alienating the more moderates.  We need to shine light on this strategy to reveal what a hateful party the Republican Party has become.



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