North Carolina: ISIS unveiled in anti-LGBT state

Sigh . . . Where do we begin with commentary about North Carolina’s bigoted anti-LGBT bill, signed into law by Republican governor Pat McCrory late Wednesday . . .

He claims he did it to prevent men from using women’s public washrooms and locker rooms. But the bill goes much deeper than that: it appears to be a broad swipe at all LGBT people, not just trans people. It is about much more than washrooms and locker rooms.

HRC points out ” the law passed doesn’t include protections for sexual orientation and gender identity.”

So, what the bill has done is allow people/businesses to discriminate against gay, lesbian and bisexual people because of their sexual orientation, and against trans people who have not fully transitioned to the point where they have had their birth certificates changed to reflect their gender identity.

And it is also forcing some institutions to make some trans men (who haven’t changed their birth certificates) use the women’s facilities, a concept largely overlooked by hysterical right-wingers who worry that male pedophiles and rapists will pose as trans women to gain access to women’s facilities — even though there is little or no precedence for such criminal activity.

Yes, there will now be some burly, muscular deep-voiced trans men using women’s public washrooms, and some attractive trans women using men’s public washrooms.

Here’s something for right-wing parents to worry about: their lads may encounter trans chicks in their school washrooms; their daughters may encounter trans guys in their school washrooms. Think of the love that might bloom, because kids usually haven’t been tainted by bigotry and are much more accepting of people in general.

As you may know by now, the backlash against McCory and his cronies is growing. Big business is decrying the bill, and some will no doubt pull their business out of the state. North Carolina may also lose billions in federal funding . . . and on and on it goes.

It is a safe bet that North Carolina will have to backtrack on the bill, or will see it challenged in court, where it will surely lose.

Meanwhile, the state’s name has become synonymous with the word “Bigot.” It is the laughingstock of the United States, and only one step removed from being a satellite of ISIS.

Yes, ISIS, because let’s face it: the bigotry of ISIS and North Carolina all come from the same dark well of ignorance, stupidity and hate.

That’s what North Carolina’s bill is all about:  hate.

Make no mistake about it.

— Jillian Page


8 thoughts on “North Carolina: ISIS unveiled in anti-LGBT state”

  1. I could be subject to arrest *whatever* facilities I use. For me as a trans woman to use the men’s room would cause me to break this law as written. LOTS of people know I am trans, and I could be arrested for using women’s facilities even though I am in full compliance with the law – I could still spend time, at risk for sexual assault, in jail while some bureaucrat sends my certified birth certificate. (This could easily have many times – I don’t carry my original BC with me.) Nevertheless, I am not changing my toileting and locker-room habits, and if I am arrested, I will be very nice and will create the biggest legal stink I possibly can.

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    1. I am with you on that one, and probably many many more. What happened in Indiana last year has really changed how they do things, and No Carolina is about to see major changes in their states representatives. It is asinine to create a Bill without having researched any of what the bill is about. [But then again the GOP is a bunch of Ignorant ASSES] It is also a laughingstock in Europe for their actions, as Pure Bigotry, and it is going to bite them in their BUTT’S.


      1. The law does not apply to private businesses, and yes, there has been an outpouring of support by businesses large and small. The law applies to government agencies, schools, hospitals: pretty much any place that has ties to the government.


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